Letter to the Editor: Free Speech?

To the Editor of the New University News Paper:

Tonight UCI hosted the ambassador to Israel the Honorable Michael
Oren.  I along with about 300 to 400 people attended this program.  It
was billed as;
Ambassador Oren’s address to the community:
“US-Israel Relations: A Personal and Historical Perspective”.   This
would be a significant look into the issues that are currently present
in the Middle East.
The Ambassador started his talk and 5 minutes into his speech a person
stood up and started shouting, disrupting the Ambassador.  Security
quickly removed the person.  While he was being removed an active
group of Muslim students clapped and whistled.  This continued about
every 5 minutes throughout the Ambassadors talk.  The audience had a
large number of Muslims who were obvious in their taking direction
from slips of paper and their phones to disrupt and stifle any speech.
They were prepared and programmed to disrupt.
The Dean of the Political Department stood up and asked everyone to be
polite and allow the flow of ideas and free speech, the Dean of UCI
did the same.  This was useless and inconsequential as it did no good.
This representation of the faculty was weak and feckless as there was
no consequence to poor and disruptive behavior.  Is your institution
taken over by hooligans?
Is this what our schools of learning are coming to?  This University
isn’t fit to host a discussion on opposing ideas or free speech.  The
University and obviously the faculty aren’t able to either teach or
control their students.
How can anyone support an institution that allows suppression of
speech with the disruption and unruliness that took place?  Why would
any family send their children to a school that doesn’t teach and
support the values of our great country?  Why do we continue to
financially support this type of institution?

Marc Spiegel