Democratic Double-Standard

Democrats are whining about the Republican filibuster on health care “reform” because it is preventing them from forcing their socialist agenda through Congress. Cloaking their criticism of the filibuster under the guise of an attempt at “bipartisanship,” Democrats are hoping to pressure Republicans into backing down to save face. The concept of the filibuster, however, is about as democratic as they come, despite what some Democrats are claiming. It enables a Senate minority to check the power of a majority, which in many cases ends up reflecting the greater public opinion.

The most recent Rasmussen poll shows that 58 percent of Americans oppose health care reform, while 39 percent favor it based on the current proposal. Despite what the Messiah and His Holy Apostles would have you think, Americans don’t want to fundamentally alter the economy by nationalizing a major part of the private sector, nor do they want to be forced onto a public health care plan with time in prison as their only alternative – yes, this is actually a part of Obama’s proposal.

It’s rather convenient how bipartisanship only works one way here. During former President George W. Bush’s tenure, the “free thinking” leaders of the more “progressive” political party continually filibustered Bush’s judicial appointments, claiming his selections to be “radical” for their stances on both abortion and environmental issues. “Climategate” aside, why are Republicans then not allowed to stand by their agendas? Why this double standard? Maybe because their small government, pro-liberty values are just not “politically correct” enough to allow for the government to offer “free healthcare” to the poor and underserved — accusations which ignore how to drive down healthcare costs while adding millions more to the system.

Of course, Obama makes the bill sound like a great deal: free medical care, no new taxes and millions more citizens – legal and illegal – added to the plan. Brilliant. I still have yet to consult a Democrat on their mastermind budgeting abilities, given their multi-billion dollar proposal for “free” healthcare while we are strapped with trillions of dollars of debt.

It’s especially interesting that Republicans are being accused of partisanship, given that Democrats scrapped all ideas for tort reform, which would drive down healthcare costs by making it more difficult for people to file frivolous healthcare lawsuits. This idea would allow customers to have the flexibility to choose whether or not they want coverage, select their plan and be able to afford it without raising taxes — thereby leaving hefty fines, and time in the slammer, out of the equation.

Despite nationwide tea parties and recent Republican victories in traditionally Blue states such as New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, all states which serve as evidence for the public’s opposition to Obama’s health care plan, Democrats angrily decry a filibuster to their attempt to grow government, offer citizens fewer choices and create new taxes. Being the “forward-thinking,” benevolent champions of justice that they are, Democrats fondly refer to their opponents as “tea baggers” and “right wing radicals,” while in the same breath demanding that Republicans not be so damn “partisan” all the time.

Yeah, Republicans, why are you being so stubborn, uncaring, and “undemocratic” by using that annoying, time-tested tactic we call a filibuster? Especially when there are agendas to ram through, people to tax and dissenters to throw in jail, all in the name of “bipartisanship.”

Hanna Guthrie is a second-year English major. She can be reached at