Letter to Editor: Misinformed Opinion

To whom it may concern,

This letter is in reference to the article you published on Feb 22, 2010
entitled “Black History Month?”
I am shocked and outraged that the New University has shown blatant
disregard for the responsibility inherent to maintaining a school
newspaper.  This article is the single most ignorant, offensive, and
appalling article I have read in any publication.  The level of ignorance
that still exists regarding the racist and sexist structures within
America have never been more clear than in this article.  The blatant
misinformation and racism contained in the article shows the ignorance of
one; to have been published is an utter embarrassment to the classes,
faculty, and resources available on this campus in place to educate
students of the racist institutions that continue to embody this country.

It is not my intent to break down every point of misinformation contained
in the article; that is addressed fully by Shatina’s response in the
comment section of the article online.  The purpose of my writing is to
implore to you that this article is not offensive and degrading to just a
particular group on campus, it mocks the very intention of the education
this university is in place to provide.

Please do not respond to me informing me that this is a single author’s
opinion.  The fact that the article was published in the “Opinions”
section does not mitigate any of my concerns.  There are standards for
what constitutes a “publishable” opinion.  Let there be absolutely no
confusion – I am not criticizing an individuals opinion; I am criticizing
the newspaper’s inability to distinguish opinion supported by fact and
rationale thought, and ignorance that continues to describe a privileged


Kyle Taylor

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Henry Samueli School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine