Going From Flab To Fab? Try These Tips On Sexing Up Your Exercise Time

Muffin tops! Puny arms!   Thunder thighs, oh my! It’s time to start hitting the gym!

It’s almost springtime, and beach-ready days are right around the corner.  But the gym takes a lot of work. Here’s how to survive:

Step 1: Get an incentive

This is a tough one. First, you have to have a reason to go every day, or every other day, or AT LEAST once a week. If it’s finals or midterms, then you just don’t have time, do you?

Stop thinking like that.

First, get a gym buddy! This is the best option. You’ve got to make sure that this buddy is at the same commitment level as you. It doesn’t work if he/she could easily go or not go to the gym. He has to want to go as much as you do. It doesn’t work if he wants to work out for five hours, while your intensity level is 30 minutes.

Second, make an  awesome workout playlist on your iPod. Name it “AWESOME WORKOUT PLAYLIST” and fill it with energy pumping songs. Nothing slow/mellow. Do you think mixes have to have highs and lows? Nope. Just keep escalating the intensity of the songs. Trust me. That’s what makes it awesome.

Third, make a chart. If you’re the practical type, do an Excel worksheet. Make a list. Do whatever you have to do to keep track of your progress to keep you motivated.

Fourth, find a cute guy/girl at the gym, be it a worker, or that guy that lifting weights, or that girl running on a treadmill. Time your workouts alongside said cute person.

Step 2: Look Good

No one really looks amazing at the gym, but there’s no reason you can’t try to look as hot as you can.

First, pick a good outfit. Girls always go in oversized T-shirts that they got for free, but I don’t know why when Target sells perfectly good fitted sports tops. Guys can probably get away with just a T-shirt and shorts. But please make sure they look clean.

Second, do your hair. Obviously for girls it’s going to be up, but definitely make it a high ponytail. It’s perky and looks like you put more effort into it,. If you have bangs, don’t leave them hanging. It’s just going to get annoying, and does not look good when you’re sweating. Don’t do a messy bun unless you want to look like you just rolled out of bed. You might as well just wear a T-shirt, too, you bum. Come on, try a little!  Guys should do the opposite and do nothing to their hair.  You get all sweaty anyway.  Gel and sweat is gross.

Once you get to the gym, stretch. I personally think stretching is the most fun, but it’s also good for you. Flexibility = good (in bed!). Guys should stretch a little too, but weights are really where it’s at.  But for girls, this is pretty much the time when you can look the hottest, so take advantage and do it before and after every workout. Practice in front of a mirror beforehand to make sure you have the most flattering positions down.

Finally, pick a good machine. The bike really doesn’t show off your body at all. Go on the elliptical, or treadmill. Try to work out in front of a mirror if possible so you can make sure you’re looking good. I mean, using the machine correctly. Guys should definitely run or lift weights. The trick is to look like you’re getting in a good work out, but not trying too hard.  Constipation face is not sexy.

Step 3: Show it off

Go out in nice outfit that flatters your form. Don’t worry about the scale, or how your jeans fit, or how big your muscles are. Stand up straight and smile. You look so damn hot now.