Fair Weather Merriweather

Daniel Merriweather may be an unknown to most of us, but that is sure to quickly change. Influenced by artists such as Jeff Buckley and Stevie Wonder, Merriweather has emerged into the soul genre with a more modern and hip take on things. With his career already skyrocketing him to the center of the pop world, Merriweather is making more than ripples wherever he lands.

In his debut album, “Love & War,” Merriweather presents a clean and simple melodic sound that works great as background music at any time. In the same way that artists such as Jack Johnson and Explosions In The Sky don’t require our unfettered attention, Merriweather moves unobtrusively through the background.

Lyrically, Daniel Merriweather is quite repetitive, as are most artists today. Yes, his lyrics are poppy and overstated, yet they show signs of potential for one of tomorrow’s promising talents.

In the opening track “For Your Money” Merriweather is slow and powerful above the rough guitar solo and ballad-like piano movements. However, this song is not representative of Merriweather’s true style, as it lacks the poppy melodies that drive many of his songs.

In “Impossible” we are able to see Merriweather‘s true colors. With an upbeat and funky tone, this track is very danceable, making up for what the song lacks lyrically. This effect is similar in “Could You,” an upbeat and catchy song that showcases Merriweather’s strong voice.

The most powerful track on the ablum, “Red,” flaunts Merriweathers smoky and emotional voice. Merriweather lays down some remotely philosophical lines with a voice that transcends the lyrics for epic ballad vocals.

Rapper Wale is featured in the song “Change” where Merriweather tests his style with more staccato lyrics and comes away with a radio-worthy song. With its outrageous beat and undeniable repeatability, this is exactly the type of song that is sure to be heard on hip-hip stations sometime soon.

Singer Adele also appears in Merriweather’s album on the track “Water and Flame.” Reminiscent of many of Adele’s other songs, there is decidedly over-the-top emotion present throughout this track. With lyrics that are slightly enhanced compared to many of the other tracks, “Water and Flame” is definitely going to be one of his more popular tracks.

The track that really sets Merriweather above the vocal talents of other boy-bands and emerging contemporary artists is “Cigarettes.” The lyrics are simultaneously humorous and deep, and the almost folksy beat belies the soul and reflective honesty within.

“Love & War” is a debut album for Merriweather to be proud of. Its catchy percussion and guitar beats are juxtaposed perfectly with his strong and raw voice. With its timeless style, his album is almost guaranteed to be a hit. Daniel Merriweather has hit the States, so keep an eye out for this upcoming artist in the future.