The Internet Loves Us: Web Sites to Entertain Each Day of The Week

“He’s a shy coffee-fuelled romance novelist with no name. She’s a brilliant renegade vampire with her own daytime radio talk show. They fight crime!”

With the click of a button, the plots keep rolling in. It’s been months since we were introduced to, but we can’t tear ourselves away.

“He’s a bookish flyboy dwarf. She’s a radical tempestuous cab driver who inherited a spooky stately manor from her late maiden aunt. They fight crime!”

Addictive, isn’t it?

As college students, when it comes to the art of procrastination, we’ve joined the league of pros. We may tell our parents that all we do when we come home after a long day of classes and work is study, but we all know that’s a lie. The truth is, when we’re not out with friends, we’re comfortably inside of our warm rooms and most likely not doing homework. The chief culprit, we like to blame, is the Internet.

Unfortunately, we missed the boat on National Procrastination Week (which was the first week of March), but there’s nothing that says we can’t celebrate it a week later with a list of our favorite time wasters. Here are seven links for the seven days of procrastination that we missed celebrating:

1. Tumblr ( — Tumblr takes blogging to a whole new level. The easy-to-use interface makes posting blog entries, photos, Youtube videos and music easy. There’s always a new Tumblr blog to discover, full of interesting links, photos and more. Tumblr may not help us write that English essay, but it’s the perfect food for our procrastinating souls.

2. YouTube — YouTube needs no explanation. If you use the Internet, you’re bound to know about the site. Our favorite thing to do is to look up covers of our favorite songs. It’s customary for us to have music on while we study and sometimes we’ll hear a song that makes us think, “Wow, I wonder what this sounds like on the piano” … or acoustic guitar or sung by the opposite gender. A few of our favorites include Kina Grannis, Kate McGill, Nikki Singleton, Amy Colalella, Ben Deignan and the PS22 chorus (Little kids singing pop hits? What’s not to love?). Be warned, YouTube is a vortex. The “related videos” section will take you from cover to cover to cover and, by the time you tear yourself away, you’ll have gone from Bon Iver to Jay Z and you’ll have no idea how that happened.

3. Cute Overload ( — Cute animals. ’Nuff said.

4. Oh No They Didn’t, or more affectionately called: ONTD ( —You all may claim you’re above ridiculous Hollywood gossip, but don’t pretend you’re not in class sneaking a peek at the latest on Perez Hilton or TMZ. ONTD is constantly updated with a variety of irreverent celebrity news. From the latest on the Lohan feud to amusing Photoshopped images, ONTD is a never-ending time-waster that will leave you more informed about Hanson’s new album than you’ll ever need to know. Too bad we can’t write our essay on that though, huh?

5. Passive Aggressive Notes ( — A collection of “painfully polite and hilariously hostile writings from shared spaces the world over.” Our personal favorites are the passive aggressive messages people send in from their roommates … for no particular reason. Really.

6. “Shit My Dad Says” ( — 29-year-old Justin lives with his awesome dad who says awesome things. This Twitter is a collection of it. Rumor has it that “Shit My Dad Says” is in contention for a TV series in the fall starring William Shatner. We’re not sure if we’ll watch it, but we’ll always keep following the Twitter.

7. Awful Library Books — A blog run by two librarians out of Michigan who share with the grateful world some of the most amusing and awful books on their library’s shelves. (Submissions are welcome too!). Needless to say, we’ve spent many hours choking with laughter over some of these titles. The latest? A 1987 book that teaches girls how to “make a man fall in love with you.” According to the back of this book, these methods have been scientifically tested. Awesome.

The more technology increases, it seems the more our attention spans decrease. Web sites are constantly popping up, vying for our attention. We oftentimes wonder how people managed to handle college before computers and the Internet, but perhaps they were better off.