Justin Bieber Gives Us a Fever

If you haven’t caught Bieber Fever yet, then consider yourself unlucky, because this heartbreaker is destined to be Canada’s next Celine Dion. Justin Bieber is the latest and greatest teeny-bopper phenomenon who has everyone crying, screaming and flashing their boobies at him. Seriously though, with her angelic voice, and charming soft features, it’s no wonder why she’s taking the music world by storm. Since the release of her debut album “My World,” Bieber has got ‘tween Biebians everywhere going crazy for her, and if you don’t “belieb” in the hype just yet, then it’s only a matter of time.

When she was only 13 (still just a baby!), Bieber had Justin Timberlake and Usher fighting to sign her. Over Twitter, Ke$ha tweeted that she wanted to push Bieber around on stage in a carriage like a baby; I wonder if she thought it would make her feel like P. Diddy? And rappers such as Ludacris and Sean Kingston loved Bieber enough to collaborate with her. But the love doesn’t stop there. Even lesbians have caught Bieber Fever, and have taken it to Tumblr to post photos of other lesbians who resemble the Bieber stud muffin. SO PRESH.

But with the love comes the hate. So, serious question: who will love the Jo Bros now that Justin Bieber has stolen all their ‘tween fans? I bet they hate her so much right now. And how about comedian Aziz Ansari who recently posted a video attacking Bieber for stealing his idea for the hit song “Baby.” No offense, but I don’t “belieb” Aziz is creative enough to write a song like “Baby.” Only someone with as much talent as Bieber could write such a beautiful and original song.

On her latest album, “My World 2.0,” Bieber shows the appreciation she has for her fans with her latest single “U Smile.” Via Twitter, Bieber let her 1,538,037 followers (and counting) in on a little secret through a series of 4 tweets. “U SMILE is one of the best songs I have ever recorded. It really is a throwback to the great records i listened to growing up. I wrote it for all my fans who got me here. U took me from a small town in Canada to this amazing opportunity I am living now. I am so grateful for everything and so blessed for all of your support. I wrote U SMILE with my friend August with that in mind. So this one is for U. Enjoy it and know that u the fans give me my strength in alot of this. when U SMILE I SMILE. thank u. luv yah” [sic].  Wow, she is so considerate of fans, now wonder they love her so much! On this song, Bieber demonstrates her ability to transcend the confinements of generic pop, transforming her songs into music that makes me “belieb” that she is looking into my soul. Bieber, you make me smile when I hear this song; please take me to your world 2.0.

“Baby,” the first single off the album, is a mix of fresh beats accompanied by a voice that only angels could possess. “Baby,” a classic radio hit in the making features Atlanta’s finest rapper, Ludacris. With thoughtful lyrics such as: “Baby, baby, baby ohhh/ Like baby, baby, baby noo/ Like baby, baby, baby ohh/ I thought you’d always be mine mine,” this song easily puts the Jonas Brothers to shame. Ingenious. But it doesn’t stop there, because halfway into the track, Ludacris roughens up the song with: “When I was 13, I had my first love/ Oh I was star struck/ She woke me up daily/ Don’t need no Starbucks.” Good point Ludacris! Who needs Starbucks when we can get a shot of Bieber??

On the song “Eenie Meanie,” Beiber sings about a girl who plays hard to get, and never shows the love. Bieber croons, “Eenie meenie miney mo/ Catch a bad chick by her toe/ If she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her go,” retaliating against a past lover who left Bieber and her beautiful almond brown eyes in tears. With such originality, it’s no wonder why some consider Bieber to be the innovative force pushing the boundaries of mainstream pop music. Obviously Bieber is destined to be more than a “One Time” deal.

“Somebody to Love” is the album’s token dance song, and will surely be Bieberblasted in clubs around the country including, but not limited to, clubs such as TigerHeat and Rage. The title explains it all; Bieber knows what she wants, and what she wants is somebody to love. But don’t we all? At 16, Bieber is still loveless, and searching for the one to fill the void in her heart. As soon as this song came on, my body involuntarily started to do the Harlem shake in turn with the catchy dance beat, and before I knew it, I was already singing along with Bieber as she bellows “I need somebody to love/…/I’d rather give you the whole world/ Or we can share mine!” Bieber taps into her sensitive side to show that she is a giver and not a fighter when it comes to relationships. That’s so Canadian of her…

“Overboard” is one of the slower songs on the album and it features Jessica Jarell aka JJ.  So far I have liked all of the songs off ‘My World 2.0,’ but this song isn’t cutting it for me. Perhaps it’s because I can’t distinguish JJ’s voice from Bieber’s voice, or maybe it’s because I have some jealousy issues with JJ. All I know is that Bieber went a little overboard by inviting JJ to collaborate with her on this song. I mean, why didn’t she just ask me to sing with her on this song?

I was beginning to lose all hope for mainstream music, but after listening to Bieber’s album “My World 2.0,” I can honestly say that I “belieb” there is hope for music.