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Mustache March to End with a Literal “March”

Apr. 1 concludes a time-honored tradition amongst college males: Mustache March. All across the country moms and girlfriends alike are eagerly looking forward to midnight on March 31, when the shaving cream and razors come out and the mustaches come off.

This year at UCI a new ritual is set to begin, at 11:00 p.m. on March 31, 2010 men from UC Irvine are gathering at the flagpoles to march their mustaches around Ring Road before one of the strangest events on the planet takes place in Aldrich Park. After the “mustache march” around Ring Road, all participants meet in Aldrich Park and shave their mustaches, being careful to save the trimmings. Trimmings from all members are then thrown into the wind at midnight and spread like ashes of their lost friend: the mustache.