Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have several concerns with the New University’s recent article, “Thinking Alternative.” First of all, it fails to accurately portray the funding situation. As I explained to Ms. Lee in a series of email exchanges, ASUCI provides the funding but the allocation to the individual publications is determined by the Student Affairs Division based upon funding requests from the various publications. Secondly, I am frustrated that the numerous publications that claim that their printing efforts are being hampered by lack of funding never approached ASUCI about their financial hardships. Of the $6,000 allocated to Alternative Media this year, to date, only $1,600 has been spent. ASUCI extended an invitation to Alternative Media to come make a budget presentation to Legislative Council but no one responded. Students say that ASUCI is “silently condemning student media” but they chose to remain silent rather than addressing the issue. If the publications want more money, then their first step should be to contact ASUCI and demonstrate how they plan to utilize additional funds. We are more than happy to consider additional requests; they just need to go through the appropriate channels.


Megan Braun
ASUCI President