Dear Editor of the New University,

A sane reason to continue cannabis (marijuana) prohibition (Pot Goes to the Polls: UC Irvine Professors Share Their Opinions, Apr. 5, 2010) doesn’t exist. Cannabis prohibition amounts to one of the last opportunities for bigots to discriminate against other people and RE-legalizing the God given plant will help end that sin.

The article is incorrect stating cannabis “was” used for fiber to make cloth in China. In fact it’s ironic that communist Chinese farmers grow hemp but free American farmers cannot and the greatest U.S. debt to a foreign country is with China.
And a thought: if cannabis is RE-legalized, it’s not simply that the Federal court can continue to “prosecute” those found in possession of marijuana in California; it’s that they can continue to persecute those found in possession.


Stan White
Dillon, Colorado