2010 ASUCI Endorsements

This year’s spring ballot for ASUCI executive board positions is notably threadbare – candidates for two of the five positions (Executive Vice President and Vice President of Academic Affairs) are running unopposed. Regardless, the New University interviewed the six candidates for the three contested positions (President, Vice President of Administration Affairs and Vice President of Student Services) to offer our suggestions to the UCI community of preferred candidates in each position. We stress that students should visit the ASUCI elections Web site at http://www.asuci.uci.edu/elections/spring10/index.php to research candidate platforms and make informed decisions.

For the position of ASUCI President, we appreciate both candidates’ wide range of experience in ASUCI and other organizations both on and off campus.

Michael Q. Nguyen distinguished himself with experience in the Cross-Cultural Center and expressed his willingness to mediate interethnic conflicts as well as mediate with Administration, citing his three years of experience on Chancellor Michael V. Drake’s Leadership Council. Sitara Nayudu has been involved directly in the ASUCI Office of the President for two years, serving as Chief of Staff this past year, and wishes to increase accessibility of the campus in order to improve the UCI student experience.

The New University suggests Sitara Nayudu due to her intense emphasis on communication between the disparate student groups and the student body in general. Her proposal to efficiently field her interns to reach said groups speaks of great concern for feedback from the student body and a greater influence by students in presidential policy. Sitara was forthcoming in her interview with the New University about her specific plans to fix the spectrum of issues facing the UCI community.

For the position of Vice President of Student Services, the New University suggests Grace Poon due to her emphasis on improving communication directly with and utilizing the media on campus to help publicize events, as well as her insistence to communicate with students in person.

For the position of Vice President of Administrative Affairs, the New University suggests Logan Frick due to his push to increase revenue by marketing the Bren Events Center and the Student Center while increasing accessibility of the latter by lowering costs for student organizations.

We urge every UCI student to research candidates thoroughly and vote online until 4 p.m. on Friday. Good luck, candidates!