News in Brief

Competitive Cal Grant Award is Saved By Arnold

On Saturday, May 15 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed saving the Competitive Cal Grant Award in the revision of the 2010-11 California Budget, according to the UC Student Association.

Just four months ago, Schwarzenegger had the intention of doing the opposite, suggesting that the grant be eliminated altogether in his budget proposal.

After numerous protests, rallies and call-ins, it seems the leader of our state has caved in what the UC Regent Live blog refers to as “a hard-earned victory.”

The grant pays for cost of fees, living expenses and gives funding to low-income and nontraditional students. This particular program is one that would have certainly cut into the Governor’s initial proposal.

All parties involved hope to reach a conclusive, safe and reasonable endpoint that will cater to those students who need the most help.

Research Studies  Turtles Using Radio Transmitters

Biologist Barry Nerhus, groundskeeper at the UC Irvine Arboretum, has been studying Southwestern pond turtles at UCI’s San Joaquin marsh. His project involves fitting the turtles with radio transmitters to study  how the creatures are able to survive for during long periods of dry months by entering a state similar to dormancy.

He is currently working to get the turtles listed as an endangered species. The turtle population has been declining as a result of habitat loss, predation by animals like coyotes and a diminishing food supply due to competition from species like the red-eared sliders.

Nerhus’ research on turtles has been funded by a grant from the Natural Reserve of Orange County in addition to various donations.