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OC Motel Kids Documentary Shows Nationally on HBO

HBO showed their documentary Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County on July 27, exploring the lives of children in homeless families living in discounted Orange County motels.
The film has received varied reviews from California papers, some lauding and some criticizing its portrayal of the darker side of the OC.

Columnist David Whiting in the OC Register questioned the film’s description of the OC as “one of the richest places in the country,” saying, “Television loves nothing more than leveraging stereotypes to boost ratings.”

LA Times columnist Robert Lloyd gave a different opinion, saying, “Pelosi captures the sad ingenuity found in lives on the edges in a place known for it conspicuous overconsumption.”
When asked by HBO how making the film affected her personally, director and producer Alexandra Pelosi replied, “Most mothers in America say to their children, ‘Eat your dinner, there are children starving in Africa.’ I say to my kids, ‘There are starving kids in California.’”

Alexandra Pelosi also made 2002’s Emmy winning “Journeys with George” and “Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi” in 2004.

iPads for UCI Medical Students Loaded with First Year Curriclum

All 104 incoming UCI Medical School students this year will receive an iPad, fully loaded with their first year curriculum as part of the iMedEd initiative.

The 16-gigbyte, 3G iPads are prepped for the medical students, already loaded with medical applications, recording and note-taking programs, course outlines, handouts, slide presentations and textbooks.

This makes UCI Medical School first in the nation to go completely digital, and may eliminate large printing costs, marking a great step in “going green.”

Dr. Ralph V. Clayman, dean of UCI School of Medicine, said to UCI News Today, “It is our firm belief that a digitally based curriculum will be the wave of the future.”

Clayman noted that the iPad could become a mainstay technology in the medical field.

“In the future, physicians will literally carry a library’s worth of information on a tablet computer in the pocket of their white coat or suit jacket,” Clayman said. “The age of electronic medicine is upon us, and both patient and practitioner will benefit. UCI’s iMedEd curriculum is a step in that direction.”

Officials at Stanford University confirmed that medical students at Stanford will also receive iPads upon beginning their first year. They cited the flexibility of iPad technology, which will aid students with the sheer volume of information and material.

Orange County’s John Wayne Among Top 10 Scariest Airports World-wide

John Wayne airport in Orange County made the list of the top 10 scariest airports in the world on, based on the testimonies of pilots and travelers.

While other airports in Honduras and Guatemala were included for flight paths that included steep drops and weaving around neighboring volcanoes, or in New York where airports feature overcrowding, and runways over water, John Wayne made the list for its severe noise restrictions.

Smarttraveler reports that due to its close proximity to Orange County communities, John Wayne has “the most stringent aircraft access and noise monitoring programs in the United States, if not the world.” This forces pilots to adapt their techniques, taking off beginning at close to full power, “then inclining quickly and steeply before reducing engine power.”

Rachel Gibson, John Wayne Airport spokesperson, reaffirmed the takeoff method’s safety to the OC Register, saying, “We continue to operate a safe, secure travel environment here at the airport. The takeoff procedure is related to working closely with the community regarding our noise ordinance requirement. There have been no incidents, and we continue to operate safely out of John Wayne Airport.”