UCI Breaks World Dodgeball Record

UC Irvine became the proud owners of the Guinness World Record for the largest game of dodgeball played on September 21, 2010. The dream of sophomore Sam Shaw, the world record previously held by the University of Alberta was broken when 1,745 Anteaters swarmed the Bren Events Center. After students celebrated the new tradition of the Blue and Gold spirit rally consisting of an introduction to all the sports teams and ecstatic bursts of dancing, the hour-long game consisting of a blue team and a gold team commenced. New University photographers Alex Yee, Brian Kim, and Nikki Jee were on the scene to capture this amazing celebration of the UCI spirit.

Brian Kim | Photography Intern — Students register themselves as participants in the Berry Terrace. There, they divide up into teams of blue and gold.

Brian Kim | Photography Intern — Peter the Anteater hypes up the crowd at the first-ever Blue and Gold Spirit Rally, which featured a D.J., performances by dance group MCIA and the UCI Spirit Squad, and, of course, the UCI athletic teams.

Nikki Jee | Staff Photographer — Anteaters filled the Bren Events Center not only as players but as enthusiastic spectators and supporters.

Alex Yee | Staff Photographer — Players on both the blue and gold teams lunge toward the balls, which were donated to charity after the game.

Nikki Jee | Staff Photographer — Balls fly every which way, sometimes flying into the stands or even the different media like KTLA, which came to cover the event.

Brian Kim | Photography Intern — Peter the Anteater gets into the act as he helps save the dwindling numbers of the blue team against the gold team.

Brian Kim | Photography Intern — Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberly Patrick proudly declares UCI as the world record holders for largest dodgeball game ever held. UCI beat the previous record by over 600 people.

Brian Kim | Photography Intern —Sophomore Sam Shaw proudly beams as he holds evidence to the dream that he had ever since he was a freshman.

Brian Kim | Photography Intern — A final group picture is taken of everyone who made the world record possible, 1,745 Anteaters in all.


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