A Letter From the New Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

The following was sent out in an e-mail to UCI students on Friday, Oct. 8.

Dear UCI Students,

Welcome to all Anteaters: freshmen, transfers and returning students. I am delighted to see you and all the energy that students bring to the fall season. I am confident that we will be enjoying a very productive and rewarding year together.

Let’s begin the year by reaffirming UC Irvine’s values of respect, intellectual curiosity, integrity, commitment, empathy, appreciation and fun. These campus values underscore that we are woven together in a commitment and an obligation to one another.

As you pursue your dreams and build your future, it is my task to ensure that you are fully supported and engaged both inside and outside of the classroom. As we all reach for our greatest potential, it is imperative to know that our achievements and failures are teachable moments that serve us.

Our lives are affected by events happening in the world in real time. The unfortunate loss of a gay student at Rutgers may have happened on the other side of the nation, but together we mourn with his family and send our condolences to the university community for the loss of a valued colleague. It is a solemn reminder that we need to continue to be caring and vigilant in our attentions to colleagues and friends.

We have a wide variety of services, centers and programs to support UCI’s diverse campus. For example, The UCI Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC) is a valuable resource, and a safe place for students to connect with others and learn through educational programming. The center also provides training for LGBT allies.        UCI is home to the nationally recognized suicide prevention program Project Courage, housed in UCI Health Education that also provides an excellent array of services and programs. The UCI Counseling Center is always available and ready to listen and assist students, as is the Student Health Center’s Mental Health Clinic.

It is our responsibility to remain civil in all our actions whether in person, on paper or on the web. Equally, we have the opportunity to exercise tolerance and understanding to prevent acts of violence and hatred. Kind gestures, lending a hand, providing support and being open to the diversity of our campus makes a difference.

Anteaters are known for their leadership and commitment to excellence in their academic studies. Together let’s expand our leadership through our compassion, civility and commitment to one another.


Thomas A. Parham

Interim Vice Chancellor Student Affairs