Let the Games Begin!

Until election day, the New University will put out weekly updates of the campaign, including interviews, profiles and information.

Barbara Boxer – Democratic Senatorial Contender
The experienced, current California senator Barbra Boxer is once again a political candidate for a seat in the Senate. Having introduced the first law to attain federal funding for after-school programs, Senator Boxer has been important to  many pieces of legislation in her 10 years in the House of Representatives and was elected into Senate in 1992.
On the health care front, Senator Boxer has initiated legislation that calls for a $2,000 tax deduction in order to make payments for plans more accessible. She also co-sponsored a resolution with 27 other Senators to add a public option to any health care reform.
A part of Senator Boxer’s campaign for the economy is making California the center for clean energy technology. In doing so, Senator Boxer has requested 17.5 million dollars from the Obama Administration to put towards technology in California’s transit systems.
Senator Boxer is also a proponent of equality under the law, which she demonstrated by supporting the expansion of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act to include sexual orientation as well.
Since Senator Boxer has been in Senate, one of her priorities has been improving the status of women. In particular, Senator Boxer has been fighting in Senate for women’s rights to choose whether or not to have an abortion.
Senator Boxer has also taken an interest in technology in her campaign. She has supported the movement to increase the number of technology workers who have been granted temporary H1B work visas and an increase in the number of students from abroad with advanced degrees to study in U.S. universities.

Carly Fiorina – Republican Senatorial Contender
Republican Senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina started her career as a secretary in the Hewlett- Packard Company.  Working her way up, the former CEO established the company as the first $100 billion information technology company.
Fiorina’s stance on the current economic situation in the U.S. can be considered as economically conservative because she supports entrepreneurs of small businesses and even family owned businesses, and she feels this should be done by tax cuts.
Regarding health care plans, Fiorina’s policy is that the current plan passed by the Obama administration has led to lower-quality health care and an inefficient increase in taxes.
Her plan is to see legislation on a bipartisan deal pass in order to continue competition between insurance companies while providing lower rates for health insurance.  Her goal is to put a plan into effect that does not heavily affect tax workers.
Focusing on problems relating to Californians, Fiorina expresses her concern over the water crisis in California and stresses that Senate should turn the pumps back on.
Fiorina feels strongly that terrorists, or any other foreign threats, should reserve the same rights Americans have under the constitution. She believes the United States should be committed to having military combat the terrorism threat in Afghanistan.
Fiorina also wants to secure the borders to protect Californians from the threat of illegal immigration.
Finally, Fioriina feels that Iran still poses a nuclear threat and supports a continuation of sanctions and the protection of Israel.