UC Irvine Medical Simulation Center

The groundbreaking Medical Simulation Center recently opened at UC Irvine and contains the latest in all healthcare technologies. Staff photographers Sofia Panuelos and Vincent Chow were on the scene of the open house.

Vincent Chow| Staff Photographer—Nursing students crowd around one of the various simulation dummies.

Sofia Panuelos| Staff Photographer—The Open House invited not only those in the medical profession, but those who would benefit from the hospital to take a look. Center director Dr. Sharon Lin (right) demonstrates.

Vincent Chow | Staff Photographer—One of the doctors demonstrates the many uses of this dummy, which simulates different medical scenarios like intubation.

Vincent Chow | Staff Photographer—The new simulation center houses all the latest equipment, including the SimMan 3G which has incredibly lifelike responses to treatments and ailments.

Sofia Panuelos| Staff Photographer—A closeup of the SimMan 3G, who can imitate a distressed patient, including talking and crying.

Vincent Chow | Staff Photographer—The center's Open House allowed students and faculty to try some of the equipment, which are situated in various mock areas like an operating bay and an E.R.

Sofia Panuelos| Staff Photographer—Not only does the medical simulation center house simulated adult patients, but actually feature infant simulators as well.

Sofia Panuelos| Staff Photographer—With video screens, the simulations get even more real. Here, a student is able to see actual footage that correspond with the actions to the SimMan 3G.

Sofia Panuelos| Staff Photographer—Monitors display simulated vital statistics in order to ensure the accuracy of these simulations.


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