Letter to the Editor

To make claims such as, “poor planning by ASUCI,” is, to be frank, completely absurd. A lot of time, money, and effort went into the making of this year’s Shocktoberfest. The event is in planning stages many, many months in advance. The fact that Kevin Rudolf did not, per say, fully deliver in his performance, is NOT due to “poor planning” by ASUCI. People have to understand that performers cost a lot of money, anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. Plain and simple, ASUCI does not have that kind of money, due especially to the recent budget cuts. The whole idea behind Shocktoberfest is to provide the students with a free concert. If ASUCI were to charge money for the event, it would not be in the spirit of Shocktoberfest.

In addition, the article fails to mention the success of the street festival, AfterShock, and Midnight Magic– all major counterparts to Shocktoberfest as a whole. The street festival gave out FREE tacos, FREE stuff, provided FREE photos, and had plenty of vendors to entertain the attendees. AfterShock played great music for one of the largest crowds AfterShock has ever seen. Midnight Magic was recognized for UC Irvine “bring[ing] the most heat when it comes to kicking off their college basketball season,” and, “one of the best Midnight Madness events” by Billy Edelin, sports blogger. Unfortunately, the article focused only on the headliners. Only ONE part of Shocktoberfest as a whole.

This article is based on the beliefs of one individual, and, so is this one. Although they are entitled to their own opinion, it should not reflect the views of UCI or of the New U. So UCI, please be thankful a staff of such hard-working people put many months of planning and time into this event. Shocktoberfest was FOR UCI, FOR YOU. Enjoy it!

Brian Paulson