Adderall: A Popular College Drug

Jason Davis | Staff Photographer—Pills are not as harmless as you may think.

Midterms are in two days but all he can do is tap his pen on the table at the Gateway Study Center.  All he can do is walk outside for a breath of fresh air, get a snack and text his friends. All he can do is practically anything but study for the big midterm two days away.

Meet Adam. Adam’s mind is always clouded with thoughts streaming all at once with no room for clarity. He struggles to simply focus on the task assigned.

Then he meets a stranger, albeit not a complete stranger; they have just never come face to face before. This stranger helps him focus on his studies and, before he knows it, his GPA has significantly improved from a 2.0 in winter quarter 2010 to his current 3.2. The stranger has proven to be a handy study buddy.

This stranger plays a significant role in his life. Not only does the stranger help improve his grades, but helps him set a routine and a structured schedule that saves his life.

Adam meets Adderall. Before he was acquainted with it, he was disorganized, an extreme procrastinator and had a foggy mind that wouldn’t clear when needed. All of that changed with Adderall.

It helped him prioritize and focus when it was most important to do so. Adderall reached out to him when no one else could.

This medication was … well, strange. It discouraged Adam’s appetite, but that was okay with him since this actually helped him eat healthier. He had to be careful with the prescription drug though; if he took too much for too long, he could get all screwed up.

See, Adderall contains amphetamine, and if Adam chose to party all night with it instead of studying, things could get ugly.  The focus and attentiveness Adderall gave him for his studies required adequate sleep to recoup.

Adam didn’t instantly fall for Adderall’s help since he knew it was a hard drug.  He did his research and talked to a doctor and realized that the help it could offer was in fact good for him as long as he kept himself in check.

Adam also knew that he wasn’t alone in befriending Adderall, especially during midterms and finals when other students needed its help to study successfully. They all got through the tough study sessions with Adderall’s help.

But Adderall was a bit controversial at home. Adam’s parents didn’t understand why taking this drug was a good idea for anything, let alone studying. His mom was oblivious and his dad was old school. There was no need for any type of drug in the house.

Adam understood their fears, but he knew the medication well now, so the alienating quality was gone. He understood that abusing it would have bad long-term effects such as frustration, depression and suicidal thoughts.

As long as he kept Adderall a safe distance away, he knew he would be fine. Not only would he be fine, but he realized he was improved. He noticed that the clarity Adderall gave him improved his relationships, especially with his parents. His grades were up, he was organized and he could give a person his undivided attention.  And he had Adderall to thank.

It all began when Adam was diagnosed with ADHD after visiting a doctor about his lack of concentration. He could only focus for five minutes at a time when the average person can focus for 45 minutes. That’s when he was introduced to the drug.

Adderall is a medication that helps a person with ADD and ADHD focus. There are mixed views about students using Adderall but with the right diagnosis and guidance, it does good.

Our parents may have taught us to stay away from all things strange but, sometimes, the harm comes from not knowing about them at all.