Rainbow Festival 2010

This year’s Rainbow Festival and Conference, hosted by the Cross-Cultural Center from November 2-5, featured many speakers and clubs coming together to celebrate diversity. New University photographers Sophia Chang, Jason Davis, and Jasreen Gupta were there for the week-long event. The theme of this year’s event was “Activism, Culture, and Expression through Art,” showing how art was and is able to stand against the hand of oppression.

Jasreen Gupta | Photography Intern—The Cross-Cultural Center was the site of many of the main events.

Sophia Chang | Staff Photographer—On November 2nd during the annual Cultural Fair, Ring Road became a Ring of Diversity as culture clubs lined the path displaying their pride for their culture and its arts.

Jason Davis | Staff Photographer—UC Irvine MFA graduate student Noritaka Minami speaks about his recent art piece “Expo ’70: The Future Has Past” to current Anteaters on the second day of events.

Sophia Chang | Staff Photographer—On November 3rd, event keynote speaker professor María Ochoa delivers a lecture about how art is used in activism.

Jasreen Gupta | Photography Intern—The event concluded with an art gallery exhibit where students were able to freely express themselves on blank boards and paint.

Jasreen Gupta | Photography Intern—The event, hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Resource Center, offered students to come view artworks by the LGBTQ community and participate in creating artwork themselves.

“Activism, Culture, and Expression through Art”