News In Brief

New Memorial in City of Irvine Organized Commemorate those Lost in Battle

The Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial, which honors U.S. military fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq, was dedicated on Sunday, Nov. 14 in a public ceremony.

The permanent memorial was based on a pre-existing makeshift monument and was unanimously approved in December 2009 by Irvine City Council to be made permanent. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in May 2010. The permanent memorial includes a flagpole, monument sign, plaque, paved walkway, three stone benches and five sentinels with granite panels inscribed with the names of all fallen service members in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The memorial is located on 4531 Bryan Avenue in Irvine.

Further Additions to the School of Medicine Now Includes Portable Ultrasounds

The UC Irvine Medical School is one of the first medical schools in the country to implement portable ultrasounds into its curriculum. In their first and second years, students learn how to use the ultrasound so they can start to use them on patients in their third and fourth years. The advantages of a portable ultrasound versus an X-ray or CT scan consist of time and cost efficiency as well as a significant decrease in radiation exposure.

According to Dr. Chris Fox, who is in charge of the portable ultrasound program, the machines are a significant skill that gives the doctor a more accurate and speedy consensus of what’s wrong. The medical school recognizes that the portable ultrasounds are expensive, but predict that doctors will see their worth.

Does Time Change Reap Changes? Geneticist at UC Irvine Says Maybe Not.

Time change does not have significant physical effects on the body, according to UC Irvine’s Paulo Sassone-Corsi, a molecular biologist and geneticist. Sassone-Corsi specializes in the body’s circadian rhythm and explains that other factors will contribute to physical toll on the body, such as too much long distance travel or spending late nights on the computer or television. “If you travel a lot, unfortunately what happens is that you disrupt those cycles,” he said. “Say you fly through Europe, nine hours’ difference, it’s almost like reversing the cycle completely. You’re forced to be awake when you’re supposed to be asleep, and vice versa,” Sassone-Corsi said in an interview with the Orange County Register.

He also expressed that time change does not compare with bad habits as an effect on people’s physiology.

California State Universities Protest Academic Circus of Fee Increases

The California State University governing board recently approved a two-step, 15 percent fee increase that will take effect over the next year.

About 40 students, faculty and staff from various CSU campuses responded to this news on Wednesday, Nov. 10 outside the Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach. The protesters participated in a protest carnival featuring games such as “pin the tail on the CSU donkey” and a “fee obstacle course.”

The fee increase was approved in spite of the protesters’ efforts and will raise tuition 5 percent this year and an additional 10 percent during the following year. This marks the third round of fee increases following last year’s 32 percent increase and this fall’s 5 percent increase.

The increase, however, will raise $27 million this year and $121.5 million next year for the CSU system. University trustees maintain that all of the increases are necessary to maintain the quality of education.

Many CSU students are becoming more disgruntled. Many are unable to get the classes they need and encounter larger class sizes, even though the rising costs are presumably adding monetary resources to the university.