ZotShots (Nov. 7-14)

The week in photos by the New University staff photographers.

Brian Kim | Staff Photographer—Chancellor for budget and planning Meredith Michaels illustrates with a graph how tuition will increase for students at the town hall meeting held Nov. 9. Read Maxine Wally's account of it here: https://www.newuniversity.org/?p=16898

Alan Le | Photography Intern—Jeremy Akiyama feels the effect of being an unwanted third wheel to couple Elica Yoneyama and Shaw Kurosawa. To read Mallory Yu's account of the third wheel syndrome, visit: https://www.newuniversity.org/?p=16825

Nick Vu | Staff Photographer—Scott Juniper coached the Women's Soccer team all the way to their first NCAA championship. Read Ian Massey's account of their triumphant first- and second-round win here: https://www.newuniversity.org/?p=16937

Diane Oh | Staff Photographer—The ZotZone is available for all UCI students to come and relax with some pool, arcade games, and video games.

Nick Vu | Staff Photographer—The grand Crystal Cathedral is in some financial trouble; the megachurch, which was the house for televangelist show "Hour of Power," recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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Jeremy Akiyama