Fashion Lover and Blogger

Diane Oh | Staff Photographer

Whether it be a simple T-shirt, skin-tight jeans, a dressy blouse or grey sweatpants, each piece of clothing has a style to communicate. Everything comes with a tone or color that may connect you to the serenity of nature, compliment the color of your eyes or force you to stick out in a sea of people.

Style, color and tone say a lot about who a person is, how they feel that day or how they might want to feel that day.

Fashion is an art — a form of expression — and you are the artist. Like many others have said, “you are what you wear.” The multiple layers, tone of colors, the variety of textures and unique accessories that come with your style are what tell your story.

The story of fourth-year public health policy major Jenny Ong has caught the eyes of her peers and the Internet world. It all started with her blog: “Jenny from the Block.” This simple and stylish blog is a photo diary of her fashion pursuits and interests. One day, Forever 21 e-mailed Jenny for permission to feature her “rainy day” outfit picture from her blog in their “Fashion Face-off” series. Jenny was featured on a blog whose company is every girl’s favorite place to shop.

“A week later, they told me that it was posted and sure enough, I clicked on the link to view it and to my horror, there was my picture placed right next to another girl’s,” Ong says.

“Naturally, I became really nervous but after a few days, I got over it and just appreciated the fact that I was featured at all. It was really fun to see what a lot of other people thought about my outfit, too, since Forever 21 has a really wide audience.” People were asked to vote which outfit was better. Jenny from the Block’s photo had 1,279 votes and won by 478 votes.

“My outfit is shaped by weather, of course, and sometimes by my mood, the music that’s playing or even my nail polish color at the time … as silly as that sounds,” Ong says. “I love layering, so it all has to come together right. If not, it usually takes about two or three more tries to feel alright.”

On any given day, you can spot Jenny wearing different styles from vintage, hippie, contemporary, urban or girly to more classic looks. Leather, knits, suede, fringe, lace and silk are thrown into her outfits as the icing to her style.

Hats are a definite plus, an accessory that is literally the cherry on top. Jenny’s current favorite accessories are scarves — something that we can all throw in to spruce up our outfits.

“Be true to who you are and wear what you think paints you in the best light possible, but nothing is wrong with trial and error,” Ong advises.

So get into your closet, grab your supplies, become the artist and wear your story.