Interview with Suddyn

Courtesy of Suddyn

Piano-driven electronic rock band Suddyn played a noontime concert at the Student Center Jan. 12, showcasing their rock anthems to the UCI population. Suddyn is comprised of two brothers from Montauk, N.Y. and an Irishman, and this trio has already had hit singles in Ireland and toured around Europe. Now they’ve come to America and are ready to conquer the West Coast. Lead singer and keyboardist Alan Steil, guitarist and backup vocalist Jarrett Steil, and drummer Brendan Connolly sat down with the New University to talk about their aspirations for Suddyn in the U.S.

New U: How would you compare the music scene here to the scene in Ireland?

Alan: Southern California is the antithesis of Ireland in every which way possible. People get up early, people are doing stuff, while in Ireland, people are kind of miserable. In California, everyone’s happy … it’s a completely different vibe.

New U: Do you think your band will fit in to the music scene here?

Alan: I think we fit in better here, in a way, because I always thought we stuck out in Ireland. We’re a lot more rock ‘n’ roll.

New U: Do you guys have any goals you’re aspiring to in the immediate future?

Alan: We want to keep growing obviously, building a fan base in LA We have a few shows coming up, but the overall goal is to keep moving forward. I don’t want to say global super-stardom yet …

New U: Isn’t that everyone’s ultimate goal though?

Alan: It is, but you don’t want to sound like a dick and say that … it’s not really about fame though, it’s about the music.

New U: How would you define your sound? What other artists would you compare yourselves to?

Jarrett: I think our new material now especially is similar to Muse. We have more of an English sound. I think we fall somewhere between the really polished top 40 American sounds and the more gritty English sound.   We’re polished, but gritty polished.

Brendan: We’ve been together for a while so it took us awhile to find our sound.

Alan: Ultimately we just want to sound like ourselves.

New U: How did you all decide to form this band?

Alan: Where my brother and I are from, there aren’t too many musicians and we were the only ones who really played music. We just loved it, music was always a constant for us and music was always there. We’ve both been playing music since we were kids.

New U: Have you noticed differences in the music scenes on the East Coast and the West Coast?

Jarrett: New York has a very trendy, “too cool” scene, especially the Brooklyn crowd, and we’re not really part of that scene, so yeah, we don’t necessarily fit into the “hipster scene.” I think out in LA you have a better shot for rock bands. You’ve always had great rock bands out here. There’s only one community on the East Coast, that niche community, and we’re not really a part of it. In LA you have a lot more access to fans, and it’s easier to build a fan base out here, whereas in New York you’re more limited.

Brendan: People are a lot less anal about music here; people in LA are a lot more likely to help each other out here.

New U: What musicians would you consider to have influenced you, either in terms of you deciding to go into music or in terms of your style?

Alan: For myself, I would have to say the Beatles.

Brendan: John Bonham was definitely an influence for me.

Jarrett: I listen to everything but I think currently the person that impresses me the most is Matt Bellamy [lead singer of Muse]. His musicianship is unparalleled.

New U: Do you guys plan to stay in America?

Alan: Yeah, definitely, I’d rather stay in California. I mean, Ireland is a beautiful country, don’t get me wrong, it’s great for a visit, but it gets difficult when you have to live there.

New U: What are you hoping to achieve here?

Brendan: Most importantly for us, it’s about reaching out to new fans. We want to create a buzz around LA and we want people coming to our shows and getting the message out there. So far people in LA have been a lot more receptive to that
Jarrett: We’re definitely hoping to stay in the U.S. We were based out of Ireland, but that had its time limit. You can be a real big fish in a small pond there and you can only go so far. We’d rather be struggling out here and having a good time.