UC Irvine Homecoming 2011

Homecoming this year was a tremendous success. ASUCI held numerous events throughout the week which tested this year’s homecoming court on everything from their agility to their talent. Homecoming culminated on Saturday with a Street Fair and basketball game against rivals CSU Long Beach. Alumni from all over filled Mesa Road and the Bren Events Center, which saw one of the fullest houses ever, and their enormous support helped the Anteaters beat the 49ers by 10 points. Anteaters past and present left the night feeling satisfied and full of pride.

The New University photographers were there to capture every moment.


The festivities kicked off on Tuesday with an epic homecoming rap battle accompanied by DJ Felli Fel.

WINNERS: Kyle Marscellas and Silva Arjian

Winner Silva Arjian raps for her life during the homecoming rap battle. (Eric Lim / New University)


Wednesday saw the homecoming court navigating a human obstacle course and a scavenger hunt. The night featured a karaoke competition in the Anthill Pub & Grille.

WINNERS: (Obstacle Course) Kyle Marscellas and Silva Arjian; (Karaoke) Bruno Monteiro and Hannah Chang

Elaine Kao navigates the twisty turns of the obstacle course. (Diane Jong / New University)

Singing was the name of the game during the karaoke competition. (Diane Jong / New University)


It was a food frenzy on Thursday with a cupcake-decorating contest for the homecoming court and an ASUCI-sponsored buffalo wing eating contest for the students. The fun didn’t end there–the court got to know Peter the Anteater a little more with the game show Zot of Love.

WINNERS: (Zot of Love) Melyssa Griffin and Kyle Marscellas

Hannah Chang diligently decorates her baked goods during the cupcake competition. (Diane Jong / New University)

The judges were exacting during the Cupcake Wars competition. (Sophia Chang / New University)

Spicy buffalo wings tested even the most experienced eaters. (Sophia Chang / New University)


Friday allowed the court to flaunt their stuff in the talent show.

WINNERS: Kyle Marcellas and Hannah Chang

Ernie Chen does a ribbon dance for the crowd. (Diane Jong / New University)

Janelle Sauz shows off her painting talent during the talent show. (Diane Jong / New University)


On Saturday, all the votes were tallied and the only thing left to do was enjoy the homecoming celebration, which featured a street fair, a Michael Jackson tribute show, dance crews, a celebrity sighting (Matthew Morrison from Fox’s ‘Glee’!), music, and more. The new king and queen were crowned and after a huge victory against our nearby rivals CSU Long Beach, the crowds rushed the floor in one mass of Anteater Pride .


The Reunion Scholarship Fund gets a ten-thousand dollar check from the Class Reunions 2010 Campaign. (Diane Jong / New University)

Kyle Marscellas makes a reprise of his competition-winning balancing act with James Yu. (Diane Jong / New University)

The court is introduced to the crowd. (Diane Jong / New University)

Elaine Kao is crowned Homecoming Queen by last year's winner Jacky So. (Alex Yee / New University)

From left to right: Michael Peyton, Janelle Sauz, Hannah Chang, King Ernie Chen, Queen Elaine Kao, Silva Arjian, Peter the Anteater, Bruno Monteiro, Kyle Marscellas, Melyssa Griffin, and last year's queen Jacky So. (Diane Jong / New University)

Eric Wise celebrates UCI's 86-76 victory over CSULB. (Alex Yee / New University)

The crowd rushes the stage after an exhilarating win. (Diane Jong / New University)


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