News In Brief

UC Irvine Dining Decides to Up Guest Swipes
ASUCI and the Government of Undergraduate Student Housing are in discussion with UCI Dining to increase the number of guest swipes for freshmen with mandatory meal plans attached to their dorming from five per quarter to 10.

Jenna Dunaetz, the chair of the dining committee for GUSH, has been the one leading the push for the meal-swipe increase.

Currently, freshmen are only given five swipes for guests per quarter regardless if they have the 100, 120 or 165-meal plan. Currently, most residents wind up with a number of leftover meals unused at the end of the quarter, which are then not available for use the next quarter. The increase in guest swipes would allow students to then give away more of their unused meals.

Lalloway Blog Sheds Light on Irvine Government
Irvine City Councilman Jeffrey Lalloway launched a blog last week to give Irvine residents a clearer look at their city’s government.

The blog marks the first such attempt by the Irvine City Council to both reach out to the community and attempt to increase citizen involvement in city affairs. The blog,, features an e-mail sign-up form and Lalloway’s biography.

Topics covered on the blog are varied. Post topics range from the Great Park to Governor Brown’s budget. Lalloway is a Republican who joined the Irvine City Council in December. His campaign platform focused on increasing the transparency of local government. This blog is Lalloway’s first step in implementing his policy.

In addition to the new blog, Lalloway uses Twitter and Facebook to enhance government transparency.

Irvine: Current State of the City To Be Addressed
Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang will give the annual State of the City address accompanied by the City Council at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8. The address will cover Irvine’s status from 2010 to the present and plans for Irvine in 2011. The address will also officially launch Irvine’s 40th anniversary celebration. A public reception will begin at 5 p.m.

John Wayne Reacts to Noise Complaints
Planes departing from and arriving to John Wayne Airport will start flying a new route this month. The change in route arose from a one-year struggle between Newport Beach residents and Federal Aviation Administration officials, who agreed to change the satellite-based navigation system after complaints of engine noise above homes.

The new route, called STREL, will replace two previous routes that had offended residents on the upper east side of the Newport Bay and the Irvine Terrace neighborhood. A new system adopted in 2009 resulted in more flight paths over homes.

The new flight paths will affect about 90 airplane departures each day. However, the new system only applies to flights east of Las Vegas. The FAA will be briefing air traffic controllers and check to see if airlines have STREL loaded into onboard computers.