News In Brief

UC  New Payroll System in the Works
The UC is attempting to create a 10 campus-wide system of payroll. The initiative, called Working Smarter, aims to create one payroll system for all 180,000 employees currently working under the UC.

This plan is expected to be put into motion within the next four years. Not only will the efficiencies create a blanket under which all employed can be paid in one fell swoop, a projected $500 million will also be redirected for the University’s research and academic mission.

According to UCIToday, Peter Taylor, UC’s chief financial officer looks forward to the project.

“We envision a future in which all 10 campuses deliver the same high-quality, standardized payroll and human resource services, but within a framework that reflects campus operations, culture and needs,” he says.

Students Arm-Wrestle for Global Health

On Feb. 15, students participated in the “Flex Your Muscles for Global Health” arm-wrestling competition.

For a $10 or $15 entry fee, both teams and individual participants could take elbows to table and battle it out for Doctors Without Borders — the cause for which the money was raised. Last year, the same competition raised $3,000 for Haitian earthquake relief.

The event was sponsored by the UCI chapter of Physicians for Human Rights, the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity and Universities Allied for Essential Medicine.
PARSA  Awards for UCI’s Samuel Jordan Center

The Persian Studies and Culture Center has been given a $300,000 grant to create a bridge with PARSA, forming the PARSA Community Foundation Lectureship in Persian Language and Culture. Located in the School of Humanities, the goal of the center will be to preserve Persian language and culture by demanding the hiring of Persian professors and scholars of the highest caliber to aid students.

Man Dies in Car Accident in Santa Ana

On Feb. 20 a man died going southbound on the I-5 after his car crashed early Sunday morning.

The driver lost control on the I-5 curve at First Street in Santa Ana while going 90 mph. The car became airborne and rolled into a single-car crash.

The driver is believed to be in his 20s, and his name has not yet been released.

Somali Pirates Hijack Couple on Bible Mission

Somali pirates hijacked the yacht of couple Jean and Scott Adam, world-traveling missionaries, off the coast of Somalia.

The couple uses Marina Del Rey in Orange County as their mail stop during their globe-trotting marine voyages.

Jean and Scott Adam have been traveling the world’s oceans for six years on their sailboat. Among the couple’s adventures are distributing Bibles in Fiji.

On their travel website, Jean and Scott wrote: “We were so unhappy being ‘dirt dwellers’ during our time in the States that another floating abode had to be acquired.”