Too Great for Just ‘Number Four’

Starting with a flash of light and a flurry of action, this winter’s new sci-fi thriller “I Am Number Four” has proven to be a thrill-ride for audiences. With an action-packed storyline, a hot young cast and visual effects that are too unbelievable to miss, the film instantly draws you in.

The film’s story seems to pay homage to its superhero predecessors, taking on a classic Superman-esque nature and updating it to a 21st century level. The story follows superhero in-the-making John, played by the up-and-coming young actor Alex Pettyfer, who was sent to Earth along with eight other children from their home planet of Lorien. Their mission is to protect the planet and ensure the survival of their race.

These special children, however, were not the only ones to escape the planet. Along with the nine have come the Mogadorians, a group of blood-hungry warriors that plan on decimating Earth like they did to the planet Lorien — but first they must find each of the nine and kill them one by one.

The storyline follows John, the refugee from his diminished planet, and his guardian Henri as they travel to constantly evade the Mogadorians. However, once they find their hiding spot in the ironic city of Paradise, Ohio, John begins to receive his “Legacies,” extraordinary powers that he and the other nine were destined to receive to become the protectors of their race.

As he struggles with his newly found “Legacies,” he suddenly finds himself falling for a human named Sarah, played by the famous “Glee” actress Dianna Agron. This newly found love merely complicates John’s situation, and once the Mogadorians come to town, everything starts to hit the fan. John is not only left with the decision to save his own life, but also that of Sarah and, ultimately, the fate of this planet he now calls home.

With amazing visuals and a hot young cast, it is easy to see why this film is already becoming a rising hit.

John is an amazing adaptation of the Clark Kent-like character, and Alex Pettyfer knocks this performance right out of the park. The chemistry between the actors and actresses seems to clearly translate in the film because all of their passion and drive shines on screen in their magnificent performances.

All “Gleeks” can rejoice because Dianna Agron’s performance as Sarah in this film —  very similar to her TV character Quinn (who also lives in Ohio) — is wonderful and fluid. Even with such a sci-fi feel to the storyline, the acting in the film is fairly good.

With such great performances and awesome visuals, coupled with a reinvented storyline and splendid cinematography, it is hard to point out things to dislike about the film, though there are some aspects that definitely could turn some movie-goers off.

Firstly, the Mogadorians do look like identical copies of Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, albeit a little more cheesy than ominous. In addition, although the fight scenes and effects were fantastic, a little bit of the spark from the visuals really distracted from the scenes because in the flurry of battle, the audience is sometimes blinded by the light. Lastly (though it depends on the spectator whether this is positive or negative), the movie most definitely finishes open-ended, screaming for a sequel.

What little down moments this film had are most definitely made up by the acting, the way the characters seem to make the audience emotionally invested in the relationships and a good-looking cast picked right out of the prime of young Hollywood.

The introduction of the character Number 6, played by amazingly beautiful Australian actress Teresa Palmer, is a great example of the aforementioned attributes.

The experience in IMAX is even better. I definitely recommend “I Am Number Four” for everyone who loves sci-fi flicks, romantic stories, action-packed thrillers or just a simply well-made film overall.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars