Friday, February 28, 2020
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Nothing but Boba and Korean BBQ

Riddle: What can you buy on Ring Road for $2?

Did you guess? Yes! That’s right! Boba! And for another $5 you can buy yourself a nice plate of Korean BBQ. Any day of the week! Just walk through Ring Road, and after getting bombarded with fliers from sororities and fraternities, you’ll walk into a Korean BBQ and boba paradise.

But don’t worry, you’ll have variety. If there’s a certain club you just can’t stand, you can walk right over to the next tent and buy your Korean BBQ from them. Korean BBQ here, Korean BBQ everywhere!

Perhaps I am being sarcastic, but only a little bit.

Most people who have tried Korean BBQ or boba would agree, it’s good. But most people would also agree that getting yelled at, seemingly daily, to buy it is tiring. Not that people don’t like it, because if they didn’t, would all of these clubs keep selling Korean BBQ every week? Would the girl yelling “Boba! Two dollars!” take time out of her day to do so? The campus obviously responds well to these Korean BBQ and boba fundraisers. If this is the case though, why are so many people annoyed by the presence of these fundraisers on our campus?

Well, the yelling might be part of it. Some people cringe at the sound of “BOBA! TWO DOLLARS!” and walk through Aldrich Park instead. Others put their music up a little louder to avoid the chant. While no one minds hearing what it is a club is selling (in the event that it is something appetizing), when clubs sell the same thing every week, a simple poster will do. And when they are all being sold for the same price, there is no need to out-chant the club under the tent next door.

Or perhaps it is the fact that at least once a week at least two clubs are selling Korean BBQ or boba. It has come to the point where it feels that it is every day that a club is selling it, and the days when no one is selling it go unnoticed (if there are such days). On a campus where students eat cereal every night for dinner, variety is what students want. Rather than buying the $10 sandwich at Quizno’s or the $5 frappucino at Starbucks, some students opt for what the clubs are offering right on the corner. But when they are selling the same things every week, the $10 sandwich doesn’t sound so bad, or maybe cereal for lunch wouldn’t be that bad either.

Sure. There are other clubs out there who sell other things, but those go unnoticed. Why? Because everyone is buying Korean BBQ and boba. This is the most confusing thing about it. People are often complaining about the fact that the “Korean BBQ and boba people” are always out there, and yet they say this as they take a bite out of their plate of Korean BBQ. Here is a little insight: if you keep buying Korean BBQ and boba, they’ll keep selling Korean BBQ and boba! But no, no, it couldn’t possibly be our fault. This is a problem the clubs need to fix, right?

Well, after thinking long and hard I came up with two solutions that these clubs might want to consider. One solution is that the clubs start thinking up new fundraising ideas that don’t involve selling the same thing every week. The second solution would be to have a Korean BBQ-boba death match between the clubs. The winner would be the only one who may proudly yell at us as we rush to class, “BOBA! TWO DOLLARS!”  May the best club win.

Viviana Salazar is a fourth-year criminology major. She can be reached at