Letter to the Editor

This letter is in response to the recent New University article titled, “Irvine: No Pets For You!” I was not aware that the City of Irvine was considering a ban of the sale of dogs or cats, but I am extremely happy that they are. I do not see how banning the sale of animals in Irvine will hamper anyone’s ability to have a dog, cat or reptile as a member of their household. There are so many animals ready for adoption at the Irvine Animal Shelter. There are even more pets available for adoption at the extremely overcrowded shelter in Orange, across from the Block.

There are also several rescue groups that exist nearby. If you go to the shelter in Orange, you can pick from several dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. However, you have to wait to have your animal neutered or spayed before you take it home, which can take up to five days. Why, you ask? Because the Orange County shelter has so many pets brought in daily, that several have to be euthanized. And if animals are euthanized because of overcrowding, why breed more to sell at fancy pet stores?

All pets absolutely have to be neutered because there are too many animals in Orange County that run wild, get lost and are run over by cars. To prevent further animal abuse and to save already stressed resources, everyone inside and outside of Orange County needs to do everything in their power to prevent the overpopulation of animals.

Barbara Chisholm