The Prankster Gets Pranked


Back in the old days (I’m talking about fifth grade) on April Fools, my prank was “The Prank” of all pranks. During break, I would steal my friends’ brown sack lunches from their colorful cubbies.

From there, I would take their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and swap the peanut butter for sand from the playground — literally putting the word “sand” in “sandwiches.” It was all for kicks and giggles. From the heart, I only pick on people I like.

Although it was only a few small pranks here and there, no one enjoys a mouthful of sand when they are hungry. Karma will come back and bite you from the behind — at least, it did for me.

On April 1 2010, it was my sophomore year in college. My roommates and I got along fairly well with the soccer boys that lived upstairs from us. Late at night, we decided to sneak our way upstairs and pay them a visit with a little April Fools surprise.

Around 3 a.m., when the rowdy boys finally decided to head to bed, we Saran wrapped their front doors shut, along with all of their windows. We gave each other high fives, shared giggles, thinking we had the last laugh. Little did we know, the war had just begun.

In the afternoon and early evenings, we all had class. Our apartment was unattended. I had just left class around 8 p.m. when I suddenly received a phone call from one of my roommates.

Her whole car was wrapped in pink Saran Wrap. Go figure, pink was her favorite color. We joked and laughed about how thoughtful the boys were to go out of their way to buy pink Saran Wrap. My roommate and I decided to meet up and walk back to our apartment together.

When we turned the corner to our apartment door, we saw that it was wide open. The two of us exchanged a worried glance and crept slowly to the door. Our apartment was completely trashed. Our tables and chairs were all flipped over and Saran wrapped in angles I didn’t even know were possible. There were toilet paper streams everywhere, decorating the walls, kitchen, the hallway and our rooms. We could no longer enjoy the comfort of our three couches, since they were plastic wrapped and flipped upside down as well.

All eight beds (I had seven other roommates, including myself) were upside down and our sheets and covers were reversed inside out. The toilets of both bathrooms were no longer accepting visitors because they were Saran wrapped as well!

We called the rest of our roommates to hurry up and come home to see the delightful prank the soccer boys had left us. We were all shocked, annoyed and a bit disappointed because it had definitely beaten our prank. And we were stuck to clean up the mess.

As we started to tidy things up, a couple of us noticed a lingering stench running through our kitchen. It wasn’t the sink, fridge or drawers. We had recently cleaned a couple of days ago. Just when we thought this prank could not get any worse, we heard a scream as one of our roommates was looking for a garbage bag from the top cupboard: “Eww, This is so gross. They left a can of opened sardines in our cupboard and it’s rotting!”

The line was definitely crossed, and we were all fuming with anger. We immediately called the boys downstairs to help us clean up the mess because they had gone over the top with a simple April Fools joke. Thankfully, they were willing to help us clean up the mess. Afterward, they apologized to us and told us they were just looking for some fun. We accepted their apology. And then one month later …

There is a back closet where a few of us store our best coats and dresses for special occasions. We had a birthday dinner that night and decided to get dressed up and celebrate.

As my roommate opened the closet doors, she screamed. None of us could wear our clothes because left in the back of our closet was another opened rotten can of sardines. Our clothes reeked, and we were quite furious. Indeed, karma comes around … eventually.