Kick It Old School When Dating

A few weeks ago, a University of Chicago student launched a website called where students from the U of C could find partners in their area for what has been delicately labeled, “the casual encounter.” Due to the high volume of interest and media coverage, the website recently became, tailoring its audience to now include all college students. Anyone with a .edu email address can join, and notable universities have, including Yale, Brown, Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois and DePaul University in Chicago, to name a few.

There is no beating around the bush with this one: it is the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist for students. Ever needed to fill that void of loneliness without having to actually put responsibility/effort/time/anything at all into a date or a relationship or relations of any kind? Ever had to court a lady by putting in work, feeding her your best lines, fetching her drinks while flexing your muscles at every appropriate juncture? Now, there is no need for that. The carnal, human and savage instinct for sexual gratification has now taken the form of an open invitation for a quickie that will come as swiftly as it goes. is great for a multitude of very obvious and undeniable reasons. You can get laid without ever actually feeling or doing anything. All you would have to do is simply log onto a helpful site where you find a partner who shares your interests by sifting through countless posts begging for “coffee dates” and “kissing, touching, fun and play!” There is no responsibility involved, no sense of allegiance or devotion here – it’s just sex, and it is impulsive at best.

This notion of sexual freedom is not new by any means – our own parents undoubtedly participated in free love (much to the anguish of our mental eyes) during the 1960s. Even their parents were alive for the sexual revolutions of the early 20th century. Still, this is a new way to look at a fling: a Random Hookup 2.0 that has gone viral by way of the Web.

Gone are the days when human interaction bolstered excitement and feeling. Now, cuts out the middleman by giving you sex straight to your doorstep.

The dangers of the site are almost as apparent as the many, many pluses. The website is exclusively set up for college students, with the intent for young people (typically between the ages of 18-24) to get in touch with one another. This is no wall of security, however, for the adroitness with which one can pervade the system is alarming. Acquiring an email address with a .edu ending is shockingly simple, and this opens up much opportunity for an unintended audience to get in on the fun.

There also is the issue of abuse – what if you have intentions of just hanging out when the participant on the other end has very different ideas for your “kick-it sesh”? Questions of rape and potential attacks have been raised by those who oppose eduHookups, as they say the fine line between what is consensual and what is not will be breached by the hands of this website.

Additionally, there is the very real worry of the spread of sexually transmitted infections; with turning out more sexual encounters each hour, those who do not agree with the conception of the site also note they cannot consistently trust young people to be responsible in bed. Although this is harsh, it is an irrefutable and palpable threat that must be addressed.

Despite the inherent advantages to a no-strings-attached encounter expedited by a website, it seems the age-old responsibility of the traditional relationship still surfaces in this instance. One cannot eschew safety for a somewhat lethargic approach to fucking. Perhaps it might be more prudent for these students to use an alternative approach – you know, keep it old school: pick up a partner at a party, holler at a pretty young thing on PCH or leave your dorm room open and just see what comes around. These are just a few tried-and-true methods to hooking up that don’t involve dangerous prospects, rampant STIs and creeps.

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