KT Tunstall Captivates

As Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, Downtown Disney’s House of Blues might just be the happiest place in Orange County for concert enthusiasts.

Apart from dining in and grabbing a drink or two or three, a general admission ticket allows concertgoers to wander up and down the dual-level venue that’s decorated with wall-mounted quilts, pictures of Martin Luther King Jr., mosaics and British flags among other colorful pieces of art.

As if the casual and trendy atmosphere isn’t enough to attract a crowd, on Thursday, May 12, KT Tunstall crossed the pond and brought her amazing Scottish accent, rock-star look and indie, blues and pop-sounding tunes to Anaheim.

KT Tunstall is best known for her song “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” which initially drew attention in the United States when “American Idol” contestant Katharine McPhee performed the song on stage in 2006.

While awaiting KT’s performance, an opener named Meiko graced the stage at 8 p.m. with childish song lyrics, folk music and a lovable girl next door persona. One song that stood out was “Boys With Girlfriends,” which expressed her trouble maintaining friendships with boys who had over-jealous, insecure and annoying girlfriends. Listening to songs like “Shitty Apartment” (which she later renamed “How Lucky We Are”) made me feel like I was reading her personal diary or blog, but her simple yet relatable lyrics make her an indie version of Taylor Swift. Meiko came out after her performance and signed posters, CDs and took pictures with the audience. Her love for music, peace and humbleness made interacting with her comfortable and an added bonus to an already enjoyable concert.

With another hour to kill before Tunstall took the stage, people took advantage of barstools that were propped along the railing to provide an amazing break for tired feet without a compromised view. The audience that night consisted of an older crowd of early-30s-and-up couples. KT’s fanbase is rooted in the United Kingdom but stretches throughout the United States and all age groups. After finally taking the stage, KT played songs from both her very first album, “Eye to the Telescope,” and her newest album, “Tiger Suit.” A highlight of the night was “Fade Like a Shadow,” which elicited some fast foot-tapping and head-bobbing, followed by “Other Side of the World” which was calming, and allowed for a simple sway back and forth. Of course, Tunstall performed “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” which was a crowd pleaser. Her voice sounded pure and as soulful as the studio version. KT saved the best for last and performed an encore of her well-known song, “Suddenly I See.”

KT Tunstall and her opener Meiko put on a great concert that represented their love for music, love for people, and the ability to express emotions through heartfelt lyrics. The venue further enhanced the experience by allowing freedom of movement throughout the venue.  For those who like a more personalized concert experience where they can enjoy live music thoroughly, the House of Blues in Anaheim is the place to go. When it came down to it that night, Mickey Mouse had nothing on KT Tunstall.