News in Brief

New Study Puts Juvenile Cases Under Review

UCI Associate Professor of psychology and social behavior Elizabeth Cauffman is currently using her previous research on adolescent development to evaluate juvenile cases. Cauffman is referencing her past findings to determine whether or not children should be tried in the justice system, or if their development indicates that they should be excluded from formal processing.

Cauffman began her research with questions of whether or not children who commit horrible crimes should be tried as adults, and if youth offenders can be rehabilitated. She concluded that the rights of children should be determined by evidence-based research on emotional and psychological development.

This professor’s research was considered by the U.S. Supreme Court when it eliminated the juvenile death penalty in 2005. Cauffman’s previous work and her current study will continue to provide valuable information for juvenile justice professionals to better the lives of affected youth.

Author’s Series Rides Again: Latiolais to Present

The UC Irvine Bookstore will present a special Author Series on Wednesday, May 18 at 5 p.m. UCI Professor Michelle Latiolais will be reading from her most recent book, “Widow: Stories”. The pieces from this book explore the physiology of grief and offer insight on this topic.

Michelle Latiolais is the co-director of the Programs in Writing at UCI and an associate professor. Additionally, she recently made her way onto The New York Times’ Editors Choice List for her newest book.

Free refreshments and snacks will be served at the event

Nine Honored for Exemplary Work In Scrubs

The UC Irvine Medical Center honored nine nurses on Wednesday at the Nursing Exemplar Awards Ceremony. The recipients of these prestigious awards were Patricia Pinedos, Winnie Ramos, Teri Book, Jennifer Wang, Carolyn Rothfuss, Marla Gain, Gail Devaney, Connie Chung and Hiep Nguyen.

The ceremony finished off this year’s annual National Nursing Week, held from May 6 to May 12, commemorating National Nurse’s Day and the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is recognized as the founding mother of modern nursing.

The UCI Medical Center has a staff of over 1,200 nurses, each dedicated to caring and tending to the needs of their patients.

“It takes a special group of nurses,” said UC Irvine Chief Nursing Officer Karen Grimley, “to embrace the total care and compassion that elevates the patient experience.”

Kenya Dream Asks: Ken-Ya Dance?

Kenya Dream will be hosting Ken-Ya Dance SoCal 2011 on Saturday, May 21, a charity dance aimed at raising money to fund and renovate schools in Kenya. The event will be hosted at the Bren Event Center, where local andrenowned dance crews will be performing. BBoys Anonymous, Get the Funk On, KABA Modern, and other dance crews will be in attendance.

Kenya Dream aims to raise $100,000 dollars for the Nthimbiri Secondary School in Kenya. The organization hopes to also to inspire students to reach out into the world to help others and make a difference.

For more information on the event, refer to the New University’s article “Kenya Dream Big? Ken-Ya Dance?” in our May 3 issue.