“Ready, Set, Film!”

Nikki Jee/New University

The 7th Annual UC Irvine Mad Film Dash, created in part with the Claire Trevor School of the Arts and the UCI Bookstore and Computerstore, brought together students from all over campus on Saturday, May 14 with a single challenge: to plan, shoot and edit a short film in just 24 hours.

The event festivities kicked off at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts Amphitheater at midnight on May 14. Teams consisting of one to eight students picked up their informational packets at this time and then began the 24-hour competition.

Teams were told that they could select from one of the three movie genres listed in the packet. Participants were also informed that they must incorporate a random prop that was listed in their papers. After discovering these initial guidelines, teams went off to film a one- to five-minute movie that needed to be entirely completed in one day.

The genres given to each team varied from group to group. One team was able to choose from the genres of a musical, romance or animation, while another group had the options of a mockumentary, journey/quest or animation/stop motion.

One team decided to go with the musical genre when producing their film. Team members Danielle Ashley and Gabrielle Gomez were excited to showcase their creativity through this genre and were eager to get started as soon as the clock struck midnight.

“We’re going to start planning our movie right now, and then we’ll start filming tomorrow morning in LA,” explained team member Gomez.

Other teams showed a similar strategy when approaching their film. Some teams decided to start planning and script-writing immediately before doing any sort of filming. Many teams had years of experience in this competition, and thus had proven methods that worked the best for them.

Although it may seem to some that this competition would be stressful and at times difficult, most teams decided to participate because they had found it to be a fun and rewarding experience in the past.

“We had a friend who told us about it, and it just sounded like a lot of fun,” Ashley said.

Right before midnight on Sunday, May 15, several groups gathered in the Technology Lab in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts to put the finishing touches on their videos and to submit them.

“We really like how our movie turned out, but if we could have done it over again, we would have started editing a lot earlier,” said Gabrielle Gomez when asked how her team’s filming experience went.

Mad Film Dash Coordinator Chris Sinclair agreed that teams needed to spend as much time editing as possible, and that the lack of time spent in this area often presented an issue to teams.

“I recommend spending at least six hours of editing,” said Sinclair before the competition had started.

Sinclair also advised that team members should simply not go to sleep that night. These tips were offered during the orientation meeting on May 12 in hopes that teams would not have to be stressed during the competition. However, even though some groups still felt that they did not have enough time to edit, this fact did not detract from people’s overall experiences.

Now that the film competition is complete, all of the movies are under review with a panel of UCI professors, faculty and alumni. The movies will be judged based on how well team members followed the prompt, how well their actors performed and how effective their editing was. The results of the Mad Film Dash will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on May 24 in Pacific Ballroom D at the Student Center.