Affordable Clothing at Crossroads

Diane Oh/New University

Does 15 percent off make you do a double-take? Does a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale make your heart race and your mouth water?

As a self-professed shopaholic, getting great deals on season must-haves make for a happy girl. Especially as a penny-pinching college student, sales and coupons become essential when expanding your wardrobe, extending your paycheck and padding your savings accounts.

Though lace and crochet are in this season, going green is becoming all the rage. Now I’m not talking about the color green (though I have a sweet pair of neon-green Puma’s in my closet), I mean recycling.

Recycling clothes is becoming an awesome way to express your environmental consciousness. Places like Crossroads Trading Company are the ultimate alternative for shopaholics who want unique and vintage clothing.

If Nordstrom and a thrift store were to have a baby it would certainly resemble Crossroads Trading Company.

Crossroads focuses on the art of recycling clothing and offers young men and women the option of selling and purchasing used clothing, shoes and accessories at a discounted price.

If gathering all of your friends, posting signs and waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to host a garage sale sounds like too much work for some extra cash, you’re in luck. Crossroads buys merchandise directly from their customers.

Simply bring in your gently used clothing and shoes and an employee will sort through your items and determine which pieces their store is able to buy back. Whether you decide to take cash or a trade certificate is your choice and if you’re in a time crunch there is the option to drop your items off and come back the next day to pick up your cash or certificate.

Crossroads is definitely not your typical thrift store as it offers designer clothing that reflects the style and vibe of the city the store is located in.

The closest store to the UC Irvine campus is located in Costa Mesa off of 19th street and is only 15 minutes away.

I’ve ventured to this store a few times and seen a Fendi handbag, a red Marc Jacobs peacoat, Tory Burch flats and Steve Madden pumps. Upon my first visit I snagged a pair of yellow and blue plaid TOMS lace up shoes, and two floral tops originally from Forever 21 and only spent $39 for all three items. I was so excited that I even went back the next day to try and sell some of my own clothing.

Though it was a little more difficult to sell items back, they still ended up purchasing a dress and skirt and issued me a trade certificate for my next purchase.

Crossroads donates five cents to charities that help the environment if you bring your own bag or carry your clothing to your car upon checkout.Recycling clothing and refraining from using a plastic bag are two simple steps to going green and saving green.

Crossroads offers a wonderful alternative for those who want unique pieces, have a budget they need to stick to and support companies that are environment-friendly. For more information, visit