ROTC Settles In

Jason Davis/New University

UC Irvine’s Army UCI celebrated its new home in Natural Sciences I in an Open House on Monday, May 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cadets led informational tours that ran throughout the day in offices #3122-3129 on the third floor, culminating with a slideshow of cadet life, training and events.

ROTC-UCI moved into their new home on March 21, a space that includes offices, a command room, class room and supply room.

Prior to this quarter, ROTC did not have quarters on campus due to discrimination against LBGT students with “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT). With the repeal of DADT, ROTC-UCI was granted permission to have rooms on campus, and it hopes to move toward receiving course credit for military science courses.

“This is a big step for us” said Ashley Moeller, fourth-year global cultures major and MSIII. Prior to the move to Natural Sciences I, ROTC-UCI held many of their meetings at Starbucks and in the Student Center.

Cadet Battalion Commander Christian Peralta said he projects ROTC-UCI will obtain course credit for military sciences courses in Fall 2011. This step would allow cadets to use military sciences courses to help meet the 12-unit requirement to be full-time students while training. Military science courses cover military structure and history, along with tactical operations, military instruction and management.

Cadets at UCI meet for an hour Monday through Thursday mornings for physical training. Sixteen cadets participate in Delta Company at UCI.

ROTC programs at UCI and CSULB form Beach Battalion, which falls under the host program at USC. Additional training programs and labs are held at USC. After their third year, UCI cadets attend Leadership Development Assessment Camp (LDAC) in Fort Lewis, Washington, a 28-day capstone-training program.

Peralta also noted that ROTC-UCI aims to continue to make positive relations with administration as the program grows. Peralta transferred to UCI from West Point and is a graduating senior. He hopes to see the program at Irvine grow to one day become like UCLA with a larger presence on campus.

“I would love to see it [ROTC-UCI] more integrated with life on campus, like Greek life is,” Peralta said. “It is a different lifestyle than most college students.”