ZotShots (May 26-22)

Another day, another episode of ZotShots from your New University photographers.

Diane Jong/New University

Top Secret Shenanigans, a new dance group featuring current UCI students and alums, strike a pose during the Ken-Ya Dance show on May 21, which raised money for charity Kenya Dream. Read more about the event in Connie Ho’s article here: https://www.newuniversity.org/?p=21157


Gilberto Cardenas/New University

So nice you had to see it twice! Another view of the cute baby anteater and her mom at the Santa Ana Zoo. Baby anteaters will stay on their mother’s backs for up to 10 months!


Sofia Panuelos/New University

UCI graduate student Jordan Vincent was recently named Western Regional Chair for the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students. He is in one of only five regional positions in the United States.


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