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When I found out I got the Associate Features editor position for this year, I was excited. For my resume.

I had friendly, but low, expectations for my fellow editors. I knew they would be nice people, and I would most likely enjoy the company of most of them.

I also assumed there would be days when I couldn’t stand being near them. I assumed there would be days of pointless arguing and bad feelings.

I assumed wrong. In the first couple of weeks together, I knew I was lucky to be a part of a great group of people.

As our year together draws to a close, I find it harder and harder to acknowledge that our days are dwindling.

I’d like to introduce to you the New U Editorial Board of 2010-2011, as I know them.


Maxine Wally: This girl goes hard. She’s from NorCal, and she’s not afraid to show it. She enjoys Gucci Mane, the Newport peninsula and all things chill. She’s funny and caring too. She knows her job, and she does it well and with a lot more heart than she lets on.

Suzanne Casazza: An English major, in the best way possible. She’s compassionate and stands up for people with little reason to do so, which makes her one of the most admirable people I know. She’s one of the best people to pull a Ferris Bueller with on a random Tuesday afternoon.

Greg Yee: Our future Editor-in-Chief. Greg doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. For being a frat boy, he’s both typical and atypical at once. He enjoys yerba mate tea and has Belarusian poetry bookmarked on his laptop. He’s sweetly pretentious and has no idea who Oasis is. Don’t ask.


Charles Hicks: Acerbically witty cat owner. Charles will call you out on anything. Anything. Talk about anything too much? He’ll let you know, and you won’t even hate him when he’s through. He’s fearlessly honest and terrifyingly smart. He’s also one of the friendliest people you could ever meet.

Michael Boileau: The most inappropriate but hilarious person I know. Bottom line, Mike is wise and has a firm handle on the world around him. He will disgust you and make you laugh until you cry in the same sentence. He’s also the kind of guy who doesn’t drive away until you’re safely in your apartment.


Monica Luhar: My incredible partner. She’s that friend who has the weirdest stories because the most ridiculous things happen to her. She’s an intuitive and passionate writer, a Belieber and is great at remaining calm and cool in the face of everything thrown her way. She will never say never, but she will say, “EW, no!”


Natasha Aftandilians: Her personality will smack you in the face, and you’ll love it. Hearing her rant is like watching a skilled acrobat. Her way with words is unrivaled, and her ability to find humor in everything is awe-inspiring. She’s an amazingly talented writer with real passion for music, fashion and film.

Jun Im: Words don’t describe. Jun is the most self-sacrificing and considerate soul in the newsroom. He takes care of everyone however he can. He’s apologetic when he thinks he’s stepped on toes, but he doesn’t realize the extent to which this newspaper relies on his love.


Emmanuel Martinez: Yo! Emmanuel acts like a hard-ass. He’s all talk. He says he’s going to fail a class, but we know he pulls straight A’s. He says he’s a bad writer, but his columns have inspired editors who were previously afraid of his section to write. He patiently guides his writers to be the best they can be.

Ian Massey: Our first impression of Ian was that he was quiet. Sure, he’s not the loudest, but he’s definitely not quiet. We’ve learned a lot about him through his amazing columns all year, but we’ve also been touched by his sense of humor, his well-informed thoughts and his considerate actions.

Our Cup o’ Copy:

Mallory Yu: This girl. I met Mallory in our first literary journalism workshop and thought she was lovely. Little did I know just how lovely she is. She’s kind, big-hearted and caring. She also has a sharp tongue and a fast mind. She’s an absolute joy in my life and everyone else’s too.

Traci Louie: We’ve sat directly next to each other all year and didn’t realize it until this quarter. I constantly bump her chair and talk loudly in her ear. Yet she still sits next to me. Traci is beautiful and patient and tells great stories. And she can draw! There’s nothing she can’t do.

Justine Testado: If this were a high school yearbook, I’d be torn between “Nicest” and “Best Dressed.” Justine is quiet and thoughtful. When she talks, we stop and listen. Her confidence and calm sets an excellent tone for all of us. Oh, and we all love her shoe collection.


Patricia Liu: This is hands down the coolest kid at the New U. She’s fashionable, she’s a talented artist, she’s chill and she’s really funny.  She keeps her cool in the newsroom even though she’s in constant demand from us pesky editors, and she can do a million things at the same time.

Priya Gohil: Priya is a boss of the first degree.  She can deal with everyone’s layout problems and study for her intense bio classes all at once.  She’s dedicated and works hard and is always looking to improve no matter what.  She’s my number one!


Nikki Jee: Nikki might be small, but she’s a huge presence. In between her tough love and stern reprimands are her strong opinions, her dry sense of humor, her nurturing instincts and her incredible talent. Her distinctive voice is a delight, but what she has to say is priceless.

Senior Editorial:

David Gao: We call him “Snowflake.” Not because he’s delicate, but because he’s one of a kind. David is actually a lot more durable than we give him credit for. He stands up for all of us, unmovable in the face of adversity, and leads us with strength. And he’s really punny.

Traci Lee: My roommate and fellow PillowPet owner. Traci is my best friend. She carries herself like a hardened reporter but is a big softie. She’s taken care of us all year with extraordinary motherly love, and we couldn’t appreciate her more. She’s had a hard job, and she’s carried it with astounding grace.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a group of people you can’t imagine living life without, you understand every word I’ve said. If not, I sincerely hope you do.

Editors: thanks for the memories. I’ll miss every single one of you. To those of you returning: let’s do this.