Bright Colors, Blazers, and Bling

Frilly frocks, strappy sandals, bright blazers and jewelry that gives just the right shine under the sun; all are indicative of one time of year: summer. With the beaches becoming more crowded and summer destinations extending to all the biggest and best hot spots, summer attire is a must for everyone’s closet.  No shirts, no shoes, no problem! Dressing for all of your summer strolls is as easy as one, two, three.

One: All summer trends take advantage of understated or overused elements in wardrobes Ń bold and bright colors. Suitable for both men and women, all it takes is a little gender flare to really make your clothes pop. Everyone’s worst fear is to hear someone say, “I can’t hear you over your shirt,” but when paired with neutral colors that balance the look, even that obnoxious orange shirt is no longer quite as, well, obnoxious.

Don’t be afraid to wear those bright colors. Bold is what you want to avoid. You don’t want to look like a big fluorescent blob, do you? When in doubt, pick one staple item that adds just the right amount of zing to your outfit. For men, one possible option is to sport a brighter blazer with more neutral chinos. After all, double-breasted jackets are in. With the choice of a lightweight, breathable material, these items can be paired perfectly with a cotton button-up or t-shirt to complete a casual, yet sophisticated, streamlined look. Go ahead and give a nod to Jay-Z as you get that dirt off your nicely tailored shoulder.

Don’t think you’ve been forgotten, ladies. With a vast array of colors on your side, your choices are as endless as the rainbow. You can throw some color into handbags, sandals, summer dresses, trendy tanks and even blazers Ń you can even wear your boyfriend’s. Look for a sleeveless tank top with bright hues (i.e. floral print) topped off with interesting straps. Lattice straps look extra-feminine, and show just the right amount of skin. Add a little extra to a more basic tank top by choosing one with a plunging neckline, or adding some embellishments of your own. Think of BeDazzler. This outfit will look even better with white shorts or jeans. The color contrast gives that top or handbag the extra boost it needs.

Two: Accessories are a girl’s best friend. For a look straight out of the Hampton’s, girls can pick up wide-brimmed cotton hats that exude confidence coupled with a bit of sass. While bringing out your inner diva, these prima donnas are lightweight, great for travel, and can be paired with any outfit. If hats aren’t your thing, jewelry is just one of the many other options the fashion gods offer. Opt for silver or gold jewelry in classic symbols of summer. For example, a palm tree charm made in sterling silver and encrusted with some shine screams “I love summer!”

Men, you too can look to accessories for some inspiration. Shoes are a great way to dress up an outfit while expressing personal style. You can make your fancy blazer look casual by pairing it with boat shoes, moccasins, classic lace-ups, or your favorite weekend loafers worn sock-less. This outfit would be perfect for the weekend barbecue with friends or the downtown lunch outing with family.

Three: Let your clothes inspire a summer getaway. A lightweight cotton hat can make you think of a fancy vacation on a cruise. Perhaps those boat shoes make you think of throwing the perfect weekend beach party. Let the outfit inspire the occasion, and help you plan for a fun-filled, bright and sunny summer.