Monday, May 25, 2020
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What Happens When Google Rules the World?

In a world where information is literally at your fingertips, one corporation reigns supreme: Google Inc. Or at least they will one day. After Google’s latest acquisition of Motorola, the question of if Google will rule the world has become when instead.

If I had to guess, I would say Google will have the world under their thumbs by at least 2030. Furthermore I think their takeover will be silent. One day you’ll just be surfing the Internet playing the wiki game and the next Google doodle will have them celebrating the one-year anniversary of when they took over the world.

If you view the Google conquest as a game of Risk (the game of world domination) then Google is standing in the position of owning Africa, Australia and all of South America. They have a border on all of the major continents and can attack from any direction.

Google has made a solid step in the right direction by buying Motorola (aka Europe, in this hypothetical game of Risk). Now there will be a whole sect of people who Google can track and research as they decide which plan of action will be best to take over the world.

To continue this path Google can begin taking over Asia, a disjointed number of different phone distributers (territories) and they can start with buying out the new AT&T and T-Mobile merger and continue acquisitioning corporations until finally taking over Apple (their main competitor in world domination).

Their last step in world domination is a waiting game. By the time Google has taken over different corporations, all they will have left to do is wait for North America to lose defenders against its massive borders until Google can sweep in and buy them out. Or they can just wait for the world’s oil supply to dry up and offer the newest form of transportation (personally I’m hoping for teleportation).

Once Google has control of all these corporations they will undoubtedly be the money-making giants of the world. They can continue buying out everyone until finally, they buy the biggest piece of all: The United States of America. Now keep in mind America has quite a hefty price tag, around $14 trillion, so it may take Google quite a few years to be able to afford it.

Once they take over the United States they can slowly begin buying out other world governments whose economies can no longer sustain them and eventually Google will rule the world!

A world run by Google does not sound like such a bad thing though. They will probably take the route of Voldemort in the last Harry Potter book and leave a puppet monarch in place of all the different countries. Google ruling the world will mean they will become the number one say in what the world leaders do. We will finally have a world government to take control of the world’s many problems.

When Google is the head of the world they will still allow countries to live with semi-sovereign powers. They will form a new constitution where leaders can still be in charge of their own people and laws as long as they do not affect the laws that Google has put in place.

And, because Google is Google, the masses will have unlimited access to all of these problems. We will be able to see, first-hand, what each leader is doing and how they are solving numerous crises because by then everything (and I mean everything) will be online.

Google will also take pains to make sure that the world has as much information as possible. They will provide all deprived countries with computers and the power of Internet and they will finally be able to pull themselves out of poverty as online companies become more and more popular.

Everyone being interconnected means voting can go completely virtual as well. The people of the world can have a say in which leader rules which company.

The new world powered by Google would be a plus for everyone. As people’s lives move into the virtual sphere there is no better person to take charge that a corporation who specializes in virtual worlds .

Sara Naor is a second-year film and media studies major. She can be reached at