Dear Anteaters, the Story of Petey

There once was a baby Anteater named Petey.

He was from a secluded bubble called “high school.”
Where jocks and cheerleaders seemed to rule,
the goths tried to look like a ghoul,
and being gangster might have passed as some type of cool.
Oh, the things little Petey didn’t know.
Baby Petey never knew what life was like outside of this bubble,
College almost seemed unworthy of the trouble.
One day, a letter of acceptance would sharpen his claws and broaden his vision.
He was timid and scared,
but he made the right decision.
He decided to go to UC Irvine,
and find his own adventure.
Petey’s first week was quite an eye- opener.
He saw and met many fellow anteaters.
Some were lanky, some were tall.
Others were built, many were small.
Quite a few of them felt they were answering a call.
He met anteaters who were good with numbers and others with words.
As Petey chatted, he listened closely to their dreams.
There were a few whom one day wanted to fly airplanes,
many who wanted to mingle and mangle with strands of membranes.
There were anteaters whose life calling was to rid sickness with a cure.
But through all of their chatter, Petey remained all quite unsure.
Oh, the things little Petey would learn and do.
He didn’t know he could,
he didn’t know it yet.
Not too long after, little Petey found his group.
Day after day, they would have lunch at the “Student Ant Hill,”
and purchase ant-flavored soup.
Little Petey took quite a few falls,
went through a couple of heartbreaks,
worked in food service at a number of malls.
Petey failed a few classes.
He performed dangerous dares,
which often left his mother pulling out a handful of her hairs.
But as the years went by,
Petey’s claws became longer.
His legs grew sturdy,
and his mind became stronger.
Petey’s heart was filled with thoughts and dreams that often wandered.
But it didn’t stop him from searching for his passion.
He knew it was somewhere yonder.
Now it’s Petey’s last year.
He’s the king of the anthill,
and he’s learned so much:
good judgment,
sound vision,
strong will.
As Petey sees the little Anteaters,
he tells them:
“Oh, the things you little Anteaters will learn and do.
You don’t know it yet but soon you will.
Find your adventure, forge your own path,
and the hole in your heart will be filled.”