Lady Antebellum “Own the Night”

Photo Courtesy of Capitol

With the debut of their third studio album “Own the Night,” Lady Antebellum shatters their old image while giving their fans a familiar sound. Having started five years ago with humble beginnings in Nashville, Tennessee, this trio has preserved their signature sound while finding a way to hit the mainstream with rising popularity.

Even before cracking the seal on the CD, it is clear to see from the album cover that Lady Antebellum has taken on a new image, with a cover that looks like it could be torn out of the pages of Vogue Magazine.

The country-singing trio, composed of Charles Kelley (lead and background vocals), Dave Haywood (background vocals, guitar, piano and mandolin) and Hillary Scott (lead and background vocals), has already hit the music industry by storm.

Having won countless awards and bridged the treacherous gap between country music and pop, the group has proved itself time and time again; with “Own the Night,” they manage to do so once more.

The familiar sounds of this album pair perfectly with its release, as well as with the changing climate in the music industry.

A perfect slow tempo album chock-full of ballads that balance the sweet innocent soprano voice of Hillary Scott with the twangy tenor voice of Charles Kelly, “Own the Night” offers listeners a calming album to end those long summer nights with. The ballad duets provide a familiar feel, but the album also has some tracks to show the evolution of the group.

In a music industry where they are competing with stellar musical acts like Taylor Swift, who has also bridged the gap between pop and country, Lady Antebellum has proven the power of raw music that doesn’t depend on computers.

The tracks “Friday Night,” “We Owned the Night” and “Just a Kiss” provide much more up tempo beats and catchy choruses that are designed to appeal to the masses. They may not be dance songs that can be readily integrated into the club scenes, but these songs will no doubt be chart-toppers that will fill the radio waves. They show a new side of the trio, and although they only account for a small portion of the album, they show the progression and evolution of the group towards more mainstream sounds while maintaining their own personal style.

It’s no wonder that with such a dynamic in the album, combining classical style with contemporary sounds, “Own The Night” has already hit musical world with chart-topping success. This album will no doubt have a presence for weeks to come, while the masses have time to hear the top tracks and fall in love with the sounds of the passed summer nights. Although the sounds are all too familiar, the new twist on their classic style has allowed Lady Antebellum to reinvent their image.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5