Styles and Colors to Fall For

As the leaves on the trees begin to turn into the earthy-toned hues of red, brown and mustard yellow, the changing tide of weather and the sometimes brisk autumn winds are indicative of only one thing: the end of summer, and the beginning of a new season.

Unfortunately, this means that those to-die-for short shorts and those casual khaki-colored cargo shorts won’t suffice with the sudden decrease in temperature (can you say “brrrrrr”?), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look just as fabulous, or handsome, in an outfit perfect for the auspices of autumn! It’s time to pick up those leather riding boots and those military – styled button-up pea coats, and trod on into the loose-leaf eves of fall.

Picking up right where the bright-hued colors of summer left off, runways and fashion weeks around the world have produced a flurry of colors, a gradient diversity considered rivaling even the multiplicity of the rainbow. For example, various shades of red add a distinct edge to the neutral and camel tones so prevalent among chinos and other bottoms.

That being said, don’t be afraid of color! Any vivid and brilliant primary color proves to be an excellent complement to any darker shade (like black) or warmer autumnal colors.

Out of the surplus of bright colors available to the next up-and-coming fashionista, orange has been declared the must-have of the season. Capable of bringing a ray of sunshine into the dreariest of fall days, its perfect amount of boldness and its similarity to that of burnt auburn makes you shine like the star you are. For those with a paler skin tone, opt for more subtle hues like peach and luminescent coral. For a darker, olive-skinned complexion, play up the exotic hues that this color has to offer. Make the color work for you and your own individuality.

Don’t be so quick to forget about the rest of the rainbow though. Red, quite similar to the warm, burnt orange hue, is one of the most uplifting colors that should be always kept at hand (and within reach in your closet). Being a versatile color, red looks great with everything from camel-colored skinny jeans to coffee-brown flannel button-ups that’s oh-so-perfect for fall.

Phlox is yet another color perfect for any neutral background. Taking on a painteresque quality, this color is a deep, sultry purple, giving off both a glint of mystery and vivaciousness when worn as a fashion statement.

Finally for those who like sticking with the fashion staples that are always reliable, quarry is a great option. A bluish, medium gray, it is both practical and dependable. Able to be paired with any outfit, quarry, and other similar colors along with it, will never go out of style.

So then the question is, what are some ways to wear these colors?

For women, formal wear has just become more casual. Suitable for any occasion, a tailored, button-up blazer, a patterned pencil skirt or a more neutral pair of straight-legged slacks creates a look that is both professional and feminine.

For men, go ahead and continue to add some color to your wardrobe. Balance in a colorful button-up among your darker-hued suits; for instance, a darker red or purple will always look great with a gray or black suit.

In fact, the color possibilities don’t stop there! Don’t be afraid to add some more color to your shoe collection with earthy, reddish-toned oxfords that are much more dynamic than that monochromatic dirt brown.  Or, try a similar shade for the band of a wristwatch, or as an accent color on a vest.

Color, when done right, gives a great opportunity for an outfit to pop and stand out, rather than blending in with the less vibrant, darker colors that can at times dominate the clothes spectrum of a particular season. This fall is all about mixing those bright colors with staple items in neutral hues, and letting these brilliant colors have a life of their own as your entire outfit bursts right off the page. After all, every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway.