“Glee’s” First Graduating Class

When “Glee” first aired, we wondered whether the creators could really create an entire show on a high school choir club. Suddenly, the “High School Musical” obsession was taken to a whole new level.

The first season of “Glee” taught us that New Directions is not just any high school music class. These students have impressed us right from the start: the amazing mash-ups and show tunes brought everyone to the television whenever the show was on. The second season made its mark on the comedy stage with relationship drama, but we could always count on the glee club to cheer us up at the end of each episode.

Whenever New Directions  loses a competition, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) always brings hope and confidence back to the disgruntled group with a new project. This season may start out as predictably as the last one, but expect a surprising season ahead. I mean, this is their senior year; the New Directions have only one more chance to win the nationals!

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) has been through the rollercoaster of excitement and depression. Last season, she recovered from her trying year of loss: the first being her Cheerios’ winning streak at cheerleading nationals, and secondly the death of her sister, the one person she was inspired by and closest to.

This season, renewed and ready to be number one again, Sue leaves her usual campaign to keep McKinley High under her thumb to focus on her bigger and better congressional campaign. In the first episode, however, we see that Sue is clearly using her climb toward Congress to take down the glee club harder than ever by advocating for cuts in spending for the arts.

The question that seems to be on everybody’s mind is what happened to Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron). The pressure from the glee club, the Cheerios and her love life pushed her to the brink of social insanity and led her to joining the “Skanks,” the punk misfits. Will Quinn make her way back to the glee club before nationals?

Kurt (Chris Colfer) had a life-changing year, and season 2 ended with him gaining his spot back at McKinley High as well as winning the guy he has been in love with since he started at Dalton: Blaine (Darren Criss). The new school year brings even more luck for Kurt when Blaine surprises him by transferring into McKinley High. We all hope this relationship survives the drama this school throws at the glee club. Will Blaine be able to step back from the spotlight that he was all too familiar with at Dalton?

Speaking of drama, devious Sue recruits Santana (Naya Rivera) to be the Cheerios captain, her job being to break apart the glee club from within. This leaves Mr. Schuester no choice but to kick Santana out of the glee club for being a traitor.

Will Finn (Cory Monteith) be able to win Rachel (Lea Michelle) back for good and maintain the passion he offered her in that breathtaking kiss at nationals? Will their love hold true, or will the gleaming stage of Broadway stardom pull Rachel away? After realizing that she is not as unique a star as McKinley High presents her to be, she tries to get a musical going and claims her place in the leading role. But we know that when Rachel claims the spotlight, Mercedes (Amber Riley) is not far behind, belting her show-stopping voice in protest as she fights her way toward a chance at the starring role.

Oxygen’s “The Glee Project” offered young hopefuls the chance to be a part of the one show that has inspired their dreams to be musical theater stars. The competition to find new performers to cast in “Glee” was a combination of many of the reality competition shows that America loves to watch: “American Idol’s” competition for talent, the group challenges of “Project Runway” and the behind-the-scenes commentary from the competitors that was similar to that of “Real World.”

Out of 40,000 contestants, only 12 made it to “The Glee Project” competition. Four winners get guest-starring roles on “Glee.” A surprising ending to “The Glee Project” left two winners: Sam and Damian earned seven episodes on “Glee.” In addition, Lindsey and Alex won two episode spots each, leading them toward stardom with breakthrough roles on the “Glee” platform.

Now that “The Glee Project” has found new stars to introduce to the club, both the high school drama and the show-choir talent will intensify, bringing us all the excitement and surprises we expect from “Glee.” This final season as we know it will explore the possiblites for the New Directions, taking us on a rollercoaster of relationships, drama and of course, music.