Carly’s Clubbing Commandments

By Carly Lanning

This summer was the summer of dance for me. Having not been to many clubs predating my 21st birthday, this novel experience of booty shaking till the wee hours of the morning was both foreign and addicting. I have always loved to dance — on a dance floor, waiting for the bus, with music, with music only in my own head. In my daily life, I bust a move about 67.3 times per day. My feet just don’t stop tapping.

If you and I ever meet in a club, by no means would you remember me looking like I really belonged there. For one thing, I get excited to dance for every song and people start to give me a wide space to perform my sweet moves. With all the different nights out with friends, I developed my set of commandments that I recommend to guarantee a fun and safe trip.

Easy on the pre-game!

Yes, it is fun to drink before going to the club. With alcohol being so pricey at clubs, why not take a few shots or have a beer before heading out? Pre-gaming is almost a necessity for the night to even begin, but easy tiger — there is no need for two shots to turn into seven. Yes, in that moment you may be feeling good but I can guarantee in about 20 minutes, you aren’t going to be feeling so hot. Just remember this isn’t a race, you aren’t invincible. You want to be the person tearin’ up the dance floor, not the person holding up the bathroom line because you can’t stop throwing up.

Be cautious of what you wear.

We all know that once we get in the moment of dancing, we can tend to forget our surroundings …  or what may be going on with our clothing. Be aware of what your outfit is doing as you boogie down. You don’t want to attract any unwanted eyes or hands. Stay away from having a Snooki moment.

Always remember, you don’t owe anyone anything if they buy you a drink.

How nice, a guy bought you a drink, sure he is cute … or not, but now he seems to be expecting you to dance with him and you don’t really feel comfortable being taken away from your group of friends. This doesn’t make you a bad person. My advice is always to trust your gut. With that instant and mutual connection rarely happening, we are left feeling like the “bad guy” for not paying someone back for their hospitality. Well, tough luck pal but I do appreciate your investment in the expansion of my alcohol experience. Don’t be afraid to let someone know that your no really does mean no.

Check behind you for creepers!

Every club has them, those single guys who came alone to prowl on dancing groups of girls. We have all seen them in action, silently popping up undetected behind some poor unsuspecting clubber. Not. Cool. Man. There is nothing that makes me angrier faster than some guy sneak-attacking me from the back. Sir, in no universe would I be happy with you hiding behind me dancing! Give me some warning back there! I mean, what happened to the days when guys would ask girls to dance? If someone is harassing you or making you uncomfortable either call them out on it or just collect your friends and walk away. You are there to have a good time, not to be called names or pressured to dance/drink. Though many level-headed people might tell you to just ignore their immature banter, I say don’t be afraid to say something back. I find that a mere “no” coupled with a disgusted look does the trick quite nicely.


The signature clubbing shoe. Let’s be honest though, they only look good when a girl can actually walk in them. Ladies, if you choose the cutest but most painful shoe to go dancing in, you will wish that someone would just saw your feet off right then and there. Clubbing is an all-night fiesta, so make sure, for the sake of your toes, to wear shoes that are comfortable. You will thank yourself the next day, when you still have full circulation throughout your foot.

Be patient with the drunk girls holding up the bathroom line — we have all been there.

Those girls, chattering away with everyone, hanging from the hand dryer and taking forever to figure out how to unlock the stall door, are really drunk.  Be patient, maybe your nice manners towards them will come back and help you someday when the roles are switched.

Never put your drink down ever. NEVER. EVER.

Always keep your drink in your hand — take  it to the bathroom, all around the club, dance with it. It takes a second for someone to slip something into your drink, so protect yourself and carry it around with you until you have finished it. You will be happy that you did.

Last but not least, always remember, your friends are your absolute best accessory to take out for a night on the town.

Dress up fancy, make memories, laugh, dance, look out for each other and make sure not only you, but your friends are being safe as well. It may seem like a hassle but constantly checking in and staying close to your group will actually lead  you to have a great  night. Be responsible for one another. Trust me, a little extra precaution will leave you with no regrets in the morning. Enjoy the party people!