Diane Oh/New University

As any youngster of the 21st century will tell you, cellphones are a very vital part of life – not only because they can reduce and simplify time-consuming tasks, but because they are also so handy that you can spend hours entertaining your life away.

So what is it that makes them so appealing? It’s that these amazing gadgets can do practically anything? Cellphone companies have got consumers wrapped up in engaging apps, beautiful HD cameras and touch screens that give the human hand a whole new level of control. It’s no wonder businesses find little trouble “cell-ing” their products.

With everything mobile devices can achieve these days, it brings up the question: What is it they can’t do … yet? That’s what I’m here to find out. I asked a few cellphone consumers what the ideal cellphone would be like. The answers ranged from basic improvements to technology straight out of a “Star Wars” film. Who knows? Next year tech nerds across the globe might be rejoicing because of these additions …

Home Theater Sound Quality Everyone loves music. Everyone loves the epic sound quality of their favorite action flick vibrating through their walls. Why not combine both? Never again will you feel ridiculous at the beach looking for an outlet for your stereo.

Holographic Key Board Imagine the touch-screen keyboard on a super upgrade. You won’t even need physical keys. Just set your phone on the table in front of you. A light is released from the side and there it is. A holographic keyboard is projected right at your fingertips, waiting for you to write the most remarkable text ever created.

Personal Pepper Spray and Taser

Being a student at UCI makes everyone conscious of their safety around campus. Fear no more! You will have everything you need to protect yourself without even taking that ninja self-defense class you’ve always wanted to try. With a simple press of a button you can jolt any pursuer. Even a pepper-spray compartment would do the trick. So if any man tries to approach you again, it’d better be because he’s coming to ask for your number. But even then he should be afraid.

Built-In Projector Light

Don’t worry, office-goers I haven’t forgotten about you. Having a projector light emit from your cellphone would make the world of presentations a much simpler place. One could even create their presentations on the go — in the car, in the elevator, or even riding a horse! Now wouldn’t that be nice.

Debit/Credit Card Feature Since these devices are increasingly shrinking year after year, let’s speed up the process and reduce it down to the width of a credit card. Having a handy barcode on the side of your cell linked to your checking account would be a pretty interesting feature. All of your money and expensive electronic equipment in one place. Not only does it make your life simpler, but it makes a mugger’s simpler as well.

Wireless Charging

Now this is a feature everyone would LOVE to have. You would never have to worry about lugging that awkward charger around. All your phone would require is some Wi-Fi and you could go back to playing “Fruit Ninja” all day.

Holographic Conversations

See, I promised there would be an element of “Star Wars” somewhere in here. In fact, this was the most popular choice of all.  As unrealistic as it seems, companies are getting pretty inventive. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your caller in 3-D? It would definitely bring a better emotional connection to long-distance family and friends. Let’s just hope no one has a habit of picking their nose during calls.

Color Shifting

It is hard enough picking the color of your new gadget while shopping. Black? Or maybe white? With this new feature you could change the appearance and color of your cellphone shell at the push of a button. Cells already have custom wallpapers and ringtones, but having this trait would rewrite the definition of tech personalization.

Cellphones are drastically changing worlds of entertainment, networking and professions. Pretty soon these portable little devices will be able to teleport us, create food out of nothing but air, and anything else a creative science-fiction writer can come up with. But for now, there’s an app for that.