The Baby Anteater’s Bucketlist

By Taylor Weik

When I was young, I never thought I’d see the day when I would finally pack up my things, hug my family goodbye and start a new life for myself away at college.
Yet here I am. Part of, UC Irvine’s class of 2015. When we first set our squeaky white sneakers onto the paved road that is UCI, lugging our many belongings and dorm essentials behind us, our heads swam with possibilities and our eyes glimmered with hope.
It wasn’t just the usual first-day-of-school jitters. This is college, a brand new school full of brand new people and brand new classes. And now suddenly the world is full of possibilities and life has so much more to offer.
During Welcome Week we got involved in on-campus organizations, enjoyed a free concert and even broke a world record, making new friends along the way. Week one provided more experiences for us as we braved our first week of college classes, complete with large intimidating, lecture halls and a tedious amount of weekend homework. Week two gave us time to adapt to life in the fast lane that is college and balance our workload with our social lives. Now Week four is upon us, and we’re asking ourselves, “What do we do now?”
Never fear, fellow freshmen, for I have the perfect solution to end your boredom: a bucket list. Seniors have lists of things to do before they graduate; why not have a bucket list of our own to ensure that our first year of college is an exciting one?
Join an on-campus organization:
It might sound relatively simple, but becoming more involved on campus opens so many doors. You’ll get to meet new people, some who will even stick with you after graduation. Your dull school schedule instantly gets a makeover with club meetings and events taking place every week. And the best part is, UCI has over 570 organizations on campus, so there’s no excuse not to find one you’re interested in.
Make midnight runs to the University Town Center for some tasty snacks:
The UTC (across the street from campus) is conveniently close, with a wide variety of restaurants and cafes open late every night especially for us college students. Grab a couple friends and take a break from late-night studying to grab some mango green tea from Cha for Tea or an original tart yogurt from Yogurtland.
Locate the Swag Man:
We hear all kinds of stories about the man sporting Bulls jerseys and stomping the school grounds with his signature swagger, but some students never have the pleasure of finding the Swag Man until their second or third years — if at all. Make it your goal to find him by the end of the year, and don’t forget to take a picture!
Attend a UCI athletics game:
Be it basketball, soccer or any other of the many sports we have, show some Anteater pride and go to a game to cheer on your fellow schoolmates. Deck yourself out in blue and gold, sport your UCI memorabilia and paint your face. Even if we lose the game, you’ll have fun watching with your friends and basking in the school spirit. And hey, at least we’re still undefeated in football, right?
Befriend your professors and TAs:
It’s not called sucking up, it’s called being smart. Your professors and TAs would love nothing more than to help clarify points made in their lectures or answer a few questions on that essay. By engaging with your professors, you can also get ahead of the class and understand what you didn’t before. Visit them during their office hours and you’ll find that your homework will be a little easier to handle. Who knows, you might even make a friend out of the visit.
So there you have it, a brief but hopefully inspiring list of things to keep you busy this year. There are so many activities out there, from exploring the famous underground tunnels near Mesa Court to taking out an international student for their first In-N-Out burger. Opportunities lie around everywhere you look. It’s up to you to take those opportunities and make the most out of your experience here at UCI. Happy bucket-listing, and here’s to our first year of college.