Shocktoberfest 2011

Diane Oh/New University

UC Irvine’s 6th annual Shocktoberfest began with the pre-show festival outside of the Bren Events Center on Friday, Oct. 15. Several UCI dance crews performed throughout the afternoon, and many UCI clubs and sponsors decorated their booths in the spirit of Halloween with spider webs, lanterns and creative Halloween cut-outs. The line to get inside the Bren stretched out to the side of the building and it moved along slowly with many security guards on site.

The men and women’s basketball teams kicked off Midnight Magic inside the Bren with a great dance performance alongside UCI dance crew MCIA to get the crowd pumped. In the annual Battle of the Sexes 3-point shoot-out, the men’s team avenged last year’s loss to the women’s basketball team.

Peter the Anteater joined the panel of judges for the slam-dunk contest and warmly greeted the crowd of incoming students in the stands. The crowd voted freshman guard Collin Woods as the winner of the slam-dunk contest. The $800 STA Travel voucher, the prize for the costume contest winner, was given to a student cleverly dressed up as the house from the Pixar film “Up.”

Hip-hop trio The Rej3ctz opened for Shocktoberfest and were greeted by an energetic crowd of students. The group ran across the stage in Halloween masks and later threw them into the crowd while they played music from other artists and made the crowd jump to LMFAO’s “Party-Rock” and Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.”

A minor hiccup in the evening occurred when the audience grew impatient with the group after stopping the music several times to talk to the crowd. An echo of boos eventually soared through the crowd, but The Rej3ctz bounced back from this and kept the audience engaged after initiating a booty-shaking contest.

The crowd cheered loudly for women’s basketball senior Kiara Belen as she beat two other female contestants for the win.

Toward the end of their performance, ASUCI staff graced the stage and danced along with The Rej3ctz as they sang their mainstream dance hit, “Cat-Daddy.”

The Rej3ctz were more entertaining as eccentric showmen rather than musical performers; they failed to gather audience participation from the bleachers and give a truly memorable performance.

New York-based rapper and songwriter Hoodie Allen hyped up the crowd as he sang “Song for an Actress,” “James Franco” and “The Chase is On” from his new album, “Leap Year.” His vivacious energy on stage was contagious, and his music was well received by the audience. Many students gathered in circles off to the side and danced along to his music. Student Services Vice President Jun Wang was invited on stage to snap a photo of Hoodie Allen eagerly embracing the crowd below him.

“ASUCI has been working on this event with UCI Athletics and other departments since July,” said Wang. “I’m happy with the turnout. It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.”

A shockwave of crowd surfers and large balloons bounced through the crowd while headlining rappers New Boyz performed on stage and sang their crowd pleasing hits “You’re a Jerk” and “Better with the Lights Off.” Many students sitting on the bleachers moved toward the stage and stayed standing to watch their performance. New Boyz utilized the stage well, jumping on the speakers and dancing across the stage with a contagious energy.

The second booty-shaking contest took place with four female contestants that included Belen as the reigning winner. After a close battle, New Boyz voted freshman Paige Bushnell as the new winner.

New Boyz closed out their performance with their 2010 radio smash “Tie Me Down,” and the audience sang loudly in unison with the group as they held their mic out toward the crowd. Right after their performance, New Boyz stuck around to sign autographs and happily took photos with students waiting by the stage.

The Aftershock dance party failed to keep many students outside the Bren as they walked away to go home for the night. Despite the low attendance, the ASUCI team received praise for their hard work and dedication. It was a campus-wide effort that proved to be successful in bringing artists that brought energy to the stage and kept the audience interested.

We look forward to next year’s Shocktoberfest in hopes of uniting students for another night of camaraderie and excitement.