‘Dexter’ Descends Into Darkness

Now in its sixth season, “Dexter” and the namesake serial killer are back, this time having to deal with religion.

Last season on “Dexter,” Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) nearly caught her brother (Dexter) in the act of dismembering the power-hungry rapist and torturer Jordan Chase (Johnny Lee Miller) alongside his companion and apprentice, Lumen Pierce (Julia Stiles). But as usual, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) kept his eccentric hobby from his sister, though she decided to let them go without discovering who they were.

This season, Dexter Morgan will indeed have to deal with the issue of religion; more specifically, Miami Metro’s blood splatter expert will consider what traits he’d like to pass on to his son, Harrison. Also, Debra will have to deal with the pressure and obligations that come with being Miami Metro’s new lieutenant.

Though the existing characters have their own issues, there are also a myriad of new characters for this latest season. One new character is Brother Sam (Mos Def), whose role this season has yet to be seen. That said, you can bet that this felon, who believes he escaped death row due to a divine miracle, will impact Dexter’s view on religion. Dexter doubts Brother Sam at first, believing that the ex-felon is only trying to fool the system.

After getting to know the man better, though, it’s clear to Dexter that Brother Sam has become a better man due to religion. Brother Sam doesn’t seem to be lying, having supposedly turned to a higher religious power. The dynamic between the two will be interesting as it pans out; Brother Sam represents someone who has overcome his inner darkness (or at least battles it daily), something Dexter would be able to relate to.

Last season’s villain, Jordan Chase, couldn’t make us forget Trinity (John Lithgow), the man who killed Rita (Julie Benz) at the end of the fourth season. This year, we will be following two villains, Travis (Colin Hanks) and Professor Gellar (Edward Olmos) join the cast as a pair of mysterious murderers with a sort of teacher/student relationship that revolves around cult killings. Hopefully we can learn more about Travis’ character, and what has caused him to follow the orders of Professor Gellar.

It will be interesting to see where the writers take Deb as well. Miami Metro’s most tenacious detective ended last season romantically involved with Quinn (Desmond Harrington). Whether or not the two will remain together after Debra’s promotion to lieutenant, though, will be a key point in the story.

No word yet if returning characters such as Batista (David Zayas), LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) or even Masuka (C.S. Lee) will have an impact in this season’s storyline. LaGuerta and Batista are now divorced — a sudden separation that will hopefully be explained. Batista has already contributed to Dexter’s new obsession toward religion, advising him to enroll his son Harrison at a religious school. Masuka is taking on interns (including Brea Grant from “Heroes”), and LaGuerta has been promoted as the new Captain of Miami Metro.

It remains to be seen if these characters will have any influence on Dexter or the story. Last season there were a lot of similar stories. One of these was Quinn’s and Liddy’s storyline, wherein Quinn was never cleared as a suspect in the investigation of Liddy’s death. It seems that whatever picks up story-wise at the precinct has a good chance of going nowhere on this show unless the writers decide to expand on these storylines.

Actors and writers from the show have said that this will be the darkest season of “Dexter” yet. In order to do that, the show would have to compete with Rita’s death by the hands of Trinity in season four; beating this daring task would require something awful to happen to either Harrison or Debra. While it is gruesome to speculate about either of these characters’ deaths, if the writers were telling the truth then this season will be one to remember.

Several questions come along with the start of the Showtime hit’s sixth season. Will this be the season where Dexter is exposed as the killer he is? Will Dexter be able to carry on his ever so slightly abnormal activities while raising Harrison? And will Deb finally catch a clue about her brother?

To find out the answers to these questions you will have to tune in to Lifetime every Sunday.

Rating: 4 out of 5